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Data Graduate Program 2024 – Nedbank


Nedbank’s Data Graduate Program is a career-defining experience for every data scientist ready to apply their knowledge and support team projects and initiatives. This training will also propel you to the cutting-edge world of data, including data science and engineering fields.

During the program, trainees will experience the banking industry while forming constructive relationships with industry leaders. However, selection for this transformational experience will depend on the candidates’ ability to contribute to process enhancement actively.

About Nedbank Limited

Founded on March 1, 1888, Nedbank Limited, a subsidiary of Nedbank Group, is a financial services brand that provides wholesale and retail banking services for corporate organizations and small businesses. Aside from its primary market in South Africa, the company provides services for about six countries under the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Nedbank hosts early career programs to create youth employment opportunities and develop South African graduates.

Overview of Nedbank Data Graduate Program

Graduates looking to acquire foundational skills to land them long-term data science graduate jobs will find this program helpful. For starters, trainees in this data graduate program will gain a broad knowledge of data initiatives through their jobs.

Also, this program increases the chances of career acceleration through relationships formed with experts and peers. Nedbank trainees must be purpose-driven, proficient, and ready to collaborate with team members to execute assignments efficiently.

What are the responsibilities of the Data Graduate Trainee?

  • Use engineering and data science skills to modify operations through analytical determination, concentrating on cost-cutting and eliminating redundant work and waste.
  • Utilize skills to achieve goals, meet deadlines and standards as specified in agreements with management, and achieve effective service delivery.
  • Aim for top-notch data-controlled delivery for internal and external clients, interpreting and enforcing standard practices.
  • Maintain uniform quality and production ethics through careful analytical observation and feedback using your engineering and data science knowledge.
  • Actively advance the culture of transformation and engage in Nedbank’s data-centric initiatives.
  • Back up business tactics together with social duty and conservation practices using an analytical mindset, leveraging engineering and data science skills.
  • Effect advanced data modeling techniques to derive worthwhile information from complex datasets.
  • Ensure secure data and AI management by enforcing standards and regulatory actions, protecting the integrity, security, and confidential information privacy.
  • Give constant updates and feedback to unit leaders/supervisors on delegated assignments to ensure workload organization.
  • Welcome Nedbank’s vision and display affiliate values through data-guided connections with the team/partners, infusing professional expertise.
  • Advance processes and operations by exploring and suggesting data-aided development initiatives. Work with internal stakeholders to achieve efficient execution.
  • Cultivate productive relationships to aid smooth workflow and control expectations of colleagues and clients.
  • Take advantage of skills and deliver assignments on specified dates while maintaining standards, guidelines, regulations, and governance requirements.
  • Keep up with industry developments and boost the team’s performance by distributing data-driven insights and ensuring the circulation of information to stakeholders.

Eligibility Criteria for Nedbank Data Graduate Program

Educational Qualification

  • National 1st Degrees/Advanced Diplomas
  • Minimum experience level
  • Zero to six months

Technical/professional knowledge

  • Data modeling
  • Data Science
  • Data governance
  • Data analysis

Behavioral attributes

  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Team spirit
  • Customer-centric
  • Teamwork
  • Work standards

What are the benefits of the Nedbank Data Graduate Program?

  • Monthly salary
  • Employee perks
  • Networking opportunities
  • Theoretical and practical training

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Duration: 12 months

Application Status: Ongoing

How to apply

  • Create a candidate profile on Nedbank’s career website
  • Search for the job vacancy by inserting a keyword
  • Submit your application with your CV/resume
  • Prepare for a series of assessments

Frequently Asked Questions on Nedbank Data Graduate Program

What makes Nedbank’s recruitment process stand out?

The interviews are behavioral assessments, and candidates must pass through pre-employment verification checks.

Can I apply through Nedbank’s social media pages?

No. You can only follow Nedbank on X, Facebook, and Instagram for more job offers. All applications must go through Nedbank’s official website.

Can I find other graduate programs in South Africa?

Yes. You can find more suitable graduate programs for South Africans here.


In general, Nedbank’s data graduate program is an opportunity for career starters in the data science and engineering field to unlock new career levels.


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