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McKinsey & Company’s analytics graduate program is the right platform for young South African graduates who are in the quest to acquire various skills for a bright career future. Interns will develop these skills while participating fully in the program, learning under the tutelage of experts in the industry, and being part of the community.

Prospective candidates must match their application qualities with their real characters and contribute their quota to the Company. Candidates who pass through the analytics graduate program from McKinsey & Company will receive more benefits before leaving the program.

Therefore, those interested in building business and leadership skills should read on and see if they are qualified for this opportunity.

About McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company was established in 1926 as a global management consulting firm. It provides professional services to governments, organizations, and corporations.

As one of the oldest and largest management consultancies, its focus mostly leans towards the operations and finances of its extensive clientele. Its clientele base spans worldwide and has a highly competitive hiring process.

More so, the Company recruits its employees from the best business schools, and among them are Ph.D. holders and others with excellent analytical skills.

Overview of the Analytics graduate program at McKinsey & Company

The successful candidate will complete this program at the Company’s Johannesburg office. From there, you can participate and become a member of the Company’s global client capabilities network.

You will meet and team up with company colleagues and experts to continue driving the culture of innovation to the Company throughout the duration of the program. As an inclusive and distinctive company, you, as the intern, will experience acceleration in your development as a leader who will positively impact business and the world.

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McKinsey & Company Analytics graduate program intern responsibility

As the intern, you will acquire the experience and skills that will help you build expertise in various functional areas and industries with a focus on solutions, functions, and client service.

Another responsibility is to ensure you join a cohort of fellows with a robust community-building program. You will join them to build critical skills around leadership, business, and analytical strategies.

What qualifies you for the role?

  • You must be a recent graduate and have one year of experience with these qualities:
  • Quantitative/analytical degree ( example: Computer Science, Information Technology, Quantitative or Actuarial Science, Engineering, or related fields). You must have an excellent academic track record.
  • Be interested in acquiring professional experience across various business functions and even organizations.
  • Be analytical and enjoy tackling and solving challenging problems.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for developing skills in analytics in visualization, Data Engineering, Optimization, and Stimulation through rotations in various teams.
  • Possess a strong record for taking initiative and exhibiting leadership.

Benefits to enjoy as a McKinsey & Company Analytics graduate program intern

Throughout the ten-month duration of the Analytics graduate program, you will receive the following from key leaders:

  • Mentorship
  • Sponsorship
  • Support opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Developmental guidance
  • If you perform well or exceed expectations, you will become eligible to apply for a full-time position at the Company.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop experience and fully apply to work in your former team or any role that interests you.

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Application: Ongoing

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How to Apply for the Analytics graduate intern

  • Visit the Company’s career website
  • Provide your resume and submit it via Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Create an account with your email
  • Prepare yourself for an interview if you are successful

Frequently Asked Questions on the Analytics graduate program at McKinsey & Company.

Can I grow career-wise at this Company?

Yes, you will. The Company has a respectful and inclusive work-friendly environment.

Are there other opportunities at the Company?

There are many opportunities at McKinsey & Company. However, they may not be in South Africa.


An opportunity to grow as far as you want in the business world has presented itself. All you need to do now is to take action.


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