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Supply chain graduate program 2024


The Smith and Nephew supply chain graduate program is designed for emerging talents seeking real-world opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills. To qualify for this program among several applicants, you will need the information I will share in this article.

First, understand that Smith and Nephew South Africa is looking to invest in graduates who can significantly improve their production process and ensure organization in the company. This means that applicants must have solid certifications and background knowledge of Supply.


Candidates working as supply chain graduate trainees will contribute to innovation in a medical technology company. This opportunity will help you to acquire relevant experience and develop essential skills to sustain a career in the Supply Chain field.

About Smith and Nephew


The brand Smith and Nephew is a development from Horatio Smith’s partnership with his uncle Thomas Smith, a chemist in 1856. The company is a medical technology company established in Watford, England.

Through the manufacturing of innovative medical equipment, the company promotes well-being and restores the lives of multiple patients. Their products are popular in over 100 countries, and their customers include advanced therapy facilities and orthopedic hospitals.

Also, Smith and Nephew provide technological solutions for repair, regeneration, and replacement of hard and soft tissues. The company has a portfolio of products readily available for treatment of complex issues and sound management.

Medical professionals will agree that Smith and Nephew’s services ease their jobs and contribute to patients’ health care. So, working in any of this company’s departments is an excellent way to create impact.


Overview of the Smith and Nephew supply chain graduate program

Smith and Nephew’s Supply Chain Graduate program focuses on providing trainees with the privilege of in-depth experience within the company. With a flexible schedule and various wellness programs, trainees will enjoy working in an environment that supports employee wellness.

During this program, trainees will be responsible for kit maintenance, inventory management, and proper documentation of product deliveries and returns. For effective delivery of these Supply chain graduate jobs, trainees require sound organizational skill.

More so, this program creates time for trainees to volunteer services in communities. This is a paid experience that’s equally important for a resume boost.


What is the job description of the supply chain graduate trainee?

  • Maintain safety stock levels
  • Confirm loan sets are complete and ready for delivery
  • Examine all items to be sure they work perfectly
  • Ensure deliveries and returns are done on time
  • Ensure timely restocking of kits

What qualifies you for this Program?

  • Candidate must possess a Degree or Diploma in Supply
  • Matric qualification

What are the perks of Smith and Nephew’s supply chain graduate program?

  • Employee Inclusion groups
  • Flexible schedule
  • Employee wellness program
  • Mentorship

Salary: R73660

Location: Westville, South Africa.

Duration: Two years

Application Status: Ongoing

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How to apply

  • Click on this link to access the company’s website
  • Submit an online application with the relevant documents attached to it
  • Prepare for a virtual skills-based assessment or a text message assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Smith and Nephew supply chain graduate program

How can I be sure of my application status?

A member of the recruitment team will acknowledge your application.

What happens after my application is accepted?

Shortlisted candidates will receive an invitation for a face-to-face interview or phone interview.

Are there similar graduate programs in South Africa?

Yes. You can explore more graduate program for South Africans here.


To conclude, the supply chain graduate program is a training scheme organized to help young professionals develop early in their careers. This program provides exposure and opportunities to make positive contributions to both the company and society at large.



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