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CA Training Bursary Program 2024


The CA training bursary program is a scheme created to assist merit and financially distressed students with the cost of their education. Sanlam Group recognizes the importance of academic support in achieving professional excellence and career growth.

Therefore, this bursary scheme is designed to assist South African students financially. To qualify, candidates must show evidence of admission to study Accounting in a SAICA-accredited postgraduate diploma program. For this Sanlam CA training Bursary program, the ability to exhibit exceptional professionalism, technical capability, and work ethic is essential.

About The Sanlam Group

Established in 1918, Sanlam Group is one of the oldest non-banking financial services groups and the largest insurance company in South Africa. The group is also a pioneer in general insurance, life insurance, and investment management in South Africa’s local market and other African countries.

With a workforce of 18,000 people, Sanlam Group proffers financial solutions to over 10 million clients in several African countries and beyond, including India, Australia, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. Above all, the company is committed to facilitating long-term wealth creation and client protection.

Overview of Sanlam CA Training Bursary Program

This CA training bursary program is an endeavor of the Sanlam group to facilitate professional and technical competence in line with SAICA regulations. Consideration will be given only to deserving students who will take advantage of this practical experience to achieve professional growth.

Upon completion of studies, beneficiaries will join the CA program, which can increase their chances of getting a permanent job in South Africa.

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What are the CA bursary program initiatives?

Shortlisted candidates for this bursary program will join the bursary program initiatives to support their journey. These initiatives include;

  • Coaching sessions from Sanlam staff
  • Online bursary student meetings
  • Onsite academic evaluation meetings
  • Field practice (vacation work) opportunities
  • Frequent touchpoints and interaction

What are the requirements for the CA Training Bursary program?

  • Must have at least 65% in undergraduate academic records
  • Evidence of admission in a SAICA-accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting program for the 2024 academic session.
  • Must have a copy of a valid ID/passport and proof of permanent residency
  • Evidence of financial distress (household income should not be above R350,000 per annum)

What are the benefits of the CA Training Bursary Program?

  • Monthly stipends
  • Accommodation fees
  • Tuition and registration fees
  • Academic textbooks and meal allowances
  • Certified entry into the CA program after graduation.

Location: Cape Town, WC, South Africa.

Duration: Three years

Application deadline: November 29, 2023.

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How to apply

  • You can send a direct application on the Sanlam Careers website.
  • Ensure you attach a comprehensive CV highlighting your leadership skills, extra-mural activities, and academic achievements.
  • Upload a motivation letter that specifically answers the following questions;
  • What is the job description of a CA(SA)?
  • What is your reason for studying Accounting?
  • What qualifies you to be a CA(SA)?
  • Why should you be a beneficiary of Sanlam’s bursary program?

Frequently Asked Questions on the CA Training Bursary Program

Can I send my application through email?

No. All CA training bursary program applications must be sent through the company’s website.

How much work experience do I need to be eligible for this program?

Preferably, applicants should have no previous work experience.

Are there other helpful career support programs in South Africa?

Yes. You can make a befitting choice from the abundance of training programs in South Africa here.


The CA training bursary program generally sponsors trainees and provides a rotational experience across the Sanlam group. This exposure is a quick way to build competencies to meet SAICA requirements.


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