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Blue Label business development intern 2023/2024


The role of a business development intern is available at Blue Label Telecom South Africa for candidates with a strong business background. Interns will be responsible for providing growth strategies to help the company outshine competitors.

They will conduct market research and oversee projects that enhance business success. Also, the business development intern at Blue Label Telecom will earn a market-related salary while gaining the chance to improve essential work skills. 

Therefore, this program is the perfect opportunity for career progression and professional experience. 

About Blue Label Telecom South Africa

Blue Label Telecom is a technology company established in South Africa in 2001. It is a JSE-listed company that services markets in South Africa and abroad. 

With an operation license and over 1635 employees, it generates significant revenue from airtime distribution and other transactional services. Their operation covers African distribution, international solutions, and corporate. 

They also create innovative solutions for convenient transactions across all market types. Finally, their services advance businesses, create employment opportunities, and provide easy access to mobile prepaid transactions. 

Overview of the business development internship

From the onset, business development interns will collaborate with the executive team to drive business growth. They will bask in these experts’ knowledge to gain insight and exposure to the business environment.

Later, they will develop strategies from acquired information to accelerate business growth. Interns must also stay abreast of industry trends and learn tactics to convert prospects and maintain old company partners.

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Responsibilities of the business development intern

This role is an opportunity to increase your professional experience and contribute through vital responsibilities like; 

Market Survey and Analysis

  • Carryout market survey to determine business trends, company rivals, and prospective customers
  • Exploit market data to create insights and develop tactics for business advancement.

Lead Generation and Prospecting

  • Aim at identifying prospective customers, associates, and chances for improvement.
  • Create and sustain a healthy channel of leads and prospects

Reporting and Analysis

  • Maintain an accurate record of client interactions, market observations, and general activities.
  • Present routine reports about business development progress to the Executive department.

Continuous Learning

  • Keep up with industry trends, outstanding practices, and new technology
  • Constantly expand your knowledge and develop skills to increase business success

Collaboration and Communication

  • Collaborate with the Executive unit to align strategies and messaging
  • Appropriately communicate with fellow employees and the company’s prospects

What qualifies me for the role of the business development intern? 

Educational Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing
  • Business, or
  • Other equivalent fields. 

Skills requirements

  • Deep understanding of industry trends, market dynamics, and competitors.
  • Critical thinker with the skills to recognize and follow up on new opportunities
  • Self-driven, results-driven, and able to work alone
  • Exceptional Microsoft Office Suite skills
  • Strong communication, presentation, and negotiation skills

What are the benefits of this internship? 

  • Internship salary
  • Petrol allowance
  • Flexible working hours
  • Healthy working environment 
  • Fun team-building activities 

Location: Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa. 

Duration: 12 months

Application status: Ongoing

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How to Apply for Blue Label Telecom business development intern

  • Click on this link to access the Blue Label Telecom website
  • Visit the career portal and cross-check for vacancies 
  • Complete the application with your personal information
  • Highlight your achievements and attach your academic certificates 
  • Submit and prepare for an interview. 

Frequently asked questions on the business development internship

Can non-South African citizens apply for this program? 

Application is open to all candidates so long as they possess a valid South African work permit. 

How long does the hiring process take? 

It takes about six days to complete. 


In conclusion, working as a business development intern is necessary to gain proficiency in skills needed to navigate the business industry. 


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