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Growthpoint Leasing Graduate Program 2024


As a leasing graduate, Growthpoint Properties offers you a chance to increase your professional skills through an occasional training program. For this program, Growthpoint South Africa is looking for individuals with a degree in Property Studies.

This is for easy contribution to tasks within the company’s leasing sector. More so, candidates for the leasing graduate position must undertake these responsibilities with a focus on improving their knowledge of leasing practices.


If you are ready to embark on this learning journey and reap the benefits of active participation, you may want to read through this application guide.

About Growthpoint Properties


Growthpoint Properties is a trusted brand responsible for providing solutions to property issues. It is the biggest South African REIT( Real Estate Investment Trust) Company listed on JSE.

They have over 541 properties and have expanded operations from South Africa to other countries, including the UK, Romania, Australia, and other places in Africa. As a new source of revenue, Growthpoint is expanding its operations to include a funds management business. 

The company also sources affordable accommodation to satisfy low-income earners in South Africa.

Overview of Growthpoint Leasing Graduate Program

The Growthpoint Leasing graduate program offers an enabling workplace that supports career advancement. Trainees will explore Growthpoint and work under the guidance of the Senior Line Manager.


They will help them improve their knowledge of lease agreements and negotiation processes. Interns must be ready to travel to property locations.

By the end of this program, trainees will be familiar with marketing and leasing strategies. Above all, this graduate program provides experience in the Leasing and Property Management field.

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What is the job description of a Leasing Graduate at Growthpoint?

  • Act in line with Growthpoint’s values
  • Trainee must show exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills, ability to enhance service delivery, and influence constant improvement.
  • Support implementing recommendations from different property sectors, including studying and testing business plans.
  • Organize business reports and submit them through the proper channel to deliver necessary impact and results.
  • Interact with colleagues and build work relationships with teammates and external/internal contacts.
  • Become active and contribute to company functions when needed.
  • Work towards your personal and professional development.

What qualifies you for the Leasing Graduate program?

  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Efficient delivery under pressure
  • Interpersonal and analytical skills
  • Familiar with the fundamentals of development and construction documents and agreements
  • Computer literate (Microsoft, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Solid presentation and organizational abilities
  • Personal Attributes
  • A smart go-getter with original thinking and eager to work independently
  • Free to work for extra hours and on weekends when necessary
  • Can handle pressure and confidential business
  • Able to work in a team environment
  • Ability to work in an enabling and challenging environment
  • Should be flexible and able to execute multiple projects

What are the benefits of the Growthpoint Leasing graduate program?

  • Employee assistance program
  • Professional mentorship
  • Work-life balance
  • Learning experience 
  • Salary

Location: Sandton, Johannesburg

Duration: 11 months

Application status: Ongoing

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How to apply

  • Visit the GrowthPoint job website
  • BSc Property Studies
  • Submit your application along with the required documents
    • CV
    • Detailed Cover Letter
    • Certified ID Copy
    • Certified copy of Completed Qualification/Transcripts in relevant field of study (No studies may take place during the graduate programme)

Frequently Asked Questions on Leasing Graduate

What documents should I upload with my application?

Candidates must attach a CV, Cover letter, Identity document, and their complete academic transcripts/results to their application.

Can I apply for this leasing graduate program without any work experience?

Yes. This program is specifically for graduates with no prior work experience.

Are there similar graduate programs in South Africa?

South African companies host graduate programs that cover various fields; you can locate a suitable one here.


In summary, this training ensures participants have a sound knowledge of effective practices to manage a business in the leasing sector.



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