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Grifols R&D summer intern 2024


To participate in the Grifols R&D summer intern program, you must be passionate, innovative, and eager to contribute to the well-being of others. Think of this as an opportunity to increase your knowledge and interact with capable individuals who can guide you through the training.

More so, working with a healthcare company is an opportunity to contribute to a good cause and learn multiple skills at once. Interns will acquire research skills by frequently conducting biological research on antigens and antibodies with the team.

This program helps you focus on professional development and continuous training. With many activities designed to ease the learning process, your research and development abilities will improve by leaps and bounds. Here’s a little information about the company.

About Grifols

Grifols is a multinational healthcare company founded by a Spanish man, Grifols I Roig, and his sons in 1909. Being a pharmaceutical company, they specialize in plasma-based medicines and transfusion medicines.

They also produce and distribute devices, reagents, and instruments for clinical testing laboratories. As a leading plasma industry, Grifols has access to the largest network of donation centers in the world.

Their innovative healthcare solutions are used in over 110 countries including the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Additionally, they cover treatment for various therapeutic areas including neurology, pulmonology, intensive care, and infectious diseases.

An internship within this prominent facility is an opportunity that gives you an edge in your pursuit of career development.

Overview of Grifols R&D summer internship

For starters, applicants who show interest in the R&D summer intern position will receive equal employment opportunities. Whether you have a disability or even a criminal history, you stand a fair chance in the recruitment process.

Compensation packages will depend on an intern’s level of education, knowledge, and skills. This means interns’ salaries will vary based on their qualifications.

Meanwhile, the company is offering a development opportunity through an early career program. Participants must possess some attributes that guarantee efficiency and productivity during this internship.

What are the responsibilities of the Grifols R&D summer intern?

  • Keeps scientists up to date on the status of studies and experiments
  • Document results and observations
  • Help out and conduct experiments when needed
  • Present findings to colleagues during group or scientific meetings
  • Provide aid in the subsequent characterization of recombinant proteins
  • Prepare written reports on all phases of laboratory experimental projects when necessary
  • Identify and analyze experiments.

Eligibility criteria for the Grifols R&D summer intern program?

Experience/technical/professional requirement

  • Work experience as a laboratory teaching assistant is valuable
  • Have plans to further studies in biochemistry and immunology


  • Must have graduated recently (< six months) or about to complete a degree program in either an engineering or applicable science field with at least two years of university experience

Professional competencies required

Action Focused

  • Regularly maintain high productivity levels, keep long working hours when necessary, and maintain energy, grit, and focus over long periods.


  • Provide timely direction and feedback to help others develop skills/ knowledge areas necessary to achieve results or create solutions.


  • Work without orders, handle issues outside the job description: be proactive enough to accomplish goals.

Continuous learning and professional development

  • Be dedicated to achieving professional growth in their area of scientific expertise. Engage in the best expertise, and appreciate cutting-edge technologies and strategies.

Team leadership

  • Share a vision and motivate team members to find solutions. Ensure there’s a win-win resolution of conflicts; understand how management style can influence staff output.

What are the benefits of Grifols R&D summer internship?

  • Medical benefits
  • Development opportunities
  • Professional connections
  • Competitive benefits
  • Salary: $18-20 per hour

Location: CA-Emeryville, US.

Duration: Six months

Application status: Ongoing

How to Apply

  • Visit the company’s website
  • Follow the instructions on the page for a successful application

Frequently Asked Questions on Grifols R&D Summer Intern Program

How long does the hiring process take?

It takes about twelve days to complete.

What is the work schedule for Grifols R&D summer intern?

Interns are expected to work for 30 hours per week.

Can I find other internship programs?

You can locate many internship opportunities on this page.


To conclude, internships make career progression and personal development easily achievable. Having this knowledge behind your mind can propel you to stake your success in a student training program like this one.



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