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Technical writer intern 2024


From the position of a technical writer intern at Intuit Canada, you can fuel huge innovations that will impact businesses. Millions of customers rely on Intuit for innovative ideas to revive their business. This means this internship role is an opportunity to create solutions through your content.

Think of this program as a launching pad for career opportunities. For instance, self-starters can draw knowledge from their time in this company. It also presents the chance to acquire valuable skills.

However, not everyone can successfully maintain this role. There are relevant competencies you must possess to qualify for this internship. Read on to get details.

About Intuit

Intuit is an American-owned financial company specializing in business software. The company is headquartered in California but serves customers around the world.

Additionally, Intuit serves small companies and consumers, providing solutions to all their financial issues. They can achieve this with the aid of CreditKarma, Quickbooks, Mailchumps, and Turbotax.

The company is still in the business of developing new and innovative solutions. You can be part of this by participating in this internship

Overview of Intuit technical writer internship

This internship is not just for any writer, it is specifically for technical writers. With this in mind, Intuit is looking for tech-savvy individuals. As an intern, you will work with professionals to interpret complex technical concepts for easy understanding.

In addition, you will create engaging and instructional content to improve the developer experience. Intuit encourages interns to bring their creative ideas and unique experiences to this role.

There will be several opportunities and benefits you can enjoy from working at Intuit. Apart from networking opportunities, interns may get permanent jobs at the company.

What are the responsibilities of an Intuit technical writer intern?

  • Work with the developer relations team in creating concise and informative content that creates awareness of the features and functionality of the Intuit development portal
  • Create learning content from documentation to technical blog posts
  • Pinpoint documentation gaps and issues, prioritize them, and implement solutions
  • Assist engineers, product managers, and other team members to gather functional details and get technical reviews for recording.
  • Engage in team initiatives to form style and process guidelines for documentation formation
  • Cooperate with devs to learn about plans, processes, and institutional knowledge and keep records for future use

What are the eligibility criteria for an Intuit technical writer internship?

  • Enrolled for a degree program in technical writing, computer science, and other similar fields
  • The graduation date should not be earlier than December 2024
  • Can connect with both technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Excellent written communication skills with solid design aesthetics
  • Can work independently and cross-functionally, can learn quickly
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Understand technical writing standards and common style guides
  • Experience with GitHub and Git
  • Self-starter, driven, curious, and loves finding solutions to complex problems
  • Eager to work in a structured authoring environment like DITA/XML, HTML, or markup
  • Knowledge of content creation tools such as OpenGrok, Medium, Oxygen XML Editor, etc.


  • Portfolio of writing samples including examples of documenting complex systems for expert audiences
  • Experience creating technical content, documentation, or tutorials
  • Experience in development
  • Familiar with modern software languages (like JS, React, Python, Java) and use of APIs
  • Experience writing for systems without GUI

What are the benefits of the Intuit technical writer intern program?

  • Health care benefits
  • Flexible schedule
  • Reimbursement for wellbeing expenses

Salary: $17 per hour

Location: Toronto Canada

Duration: Six months

Application status: Ongoing

How to Apply

  • Register on the company‚Äôs website
  • Upload your resume and submit your application.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Intuit Technical Writer Intern program?

What is the next step after application?

You will receive feedback less than 24 hours after applying and invitations to a series of interviews.

How many levels of interviews should I expect during the hiring process?

Candidates must prepare for four interviews including an assessor interview, a craft demonstration, and manager and team member interviews.

Can I find other internship opportunities in Canada?

Yes. You can check out the variety of available Canada internships here.


Overall, technical writers at Intuit will gain experience through extensive training and challenging assignments. With the aid of industry leaders, navigating this role will be easy.


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