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Anti-money laundering intern 2024


Working as an anti-money laundering intern in one of Canada’s largest banks requires special professional skills. Firstly, applicants must be detail-oriented to be able to study transactions effectively.

They will also need exceptional organizational skills to manage this role. However, candidates will also enjoy extensive training which provides exposure to various fields.

The bank is equipped with professionals who can support you through this development phase. From this program, interns are sure to expand their knowledge of anti-laundering.

About Equitable Bank

Equitable Bank is a subsidiary of EQB Inc. founded in 1970. It is Canada’s largest schedule bank managing more than $67.9 billion worth of assets.

The bank offers convenient banking services to help Canadians. This ranks them among the most prominent financial institutions in the country.

Also, they offer diverse services such as commercial lending, residential lending, and savings solutions. Equitable Bank has digital banking options and deposit products to help customers achieve their financial goals.

Overview of the Anti-money laundering intern program

Equitable Bank is raising professionals who can challenge the status quo of banking in Canada. For this reason, applicants must be unique thinkers and authentic individuals who can thrive through challenges.

The anti-money laundering intern program is essential for skills development and work experience. As crucial as education is, one can only grow with practical opportunities. This is what Equitable Bank hopes to create for undergraduates.

More so, interns whose interests align with anti-money laundering can broaden their skills by working on related projects. This internship also creates opportunities to collaborate and interact with experts. At the end of this program, students will certainly achieve rapid professional growth.

Responsibilities of an Anti-money laundering intern

  • Complete routine risks report to detect areas of concern and create a basis for reduction of false positives where necessary.
  • Assist the compliance department in the enforcement, monitoring, and testing of anti-money laundering (AML) controls
  • Support the management in writing reports to the senior management and board
  • Gather and study data from different departments to submit Excel-based reports of trends
  • Compare client name screening data with the Canadian Sanctions and Terrorist Designated Persons list.

Criteria for Anti-money Laundering Intern Program

  • Currently enrolled in a university program; interest in anti-money laundering, regulatory compliance, law, and anti-terrorist financing is an advantage
  • Pays attention to detail and has editing skills
  • Expert MS Office skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Word); can create macros and add programming when necessary.
  • Ability to prioritize assignments and projects and multi-task within a limited time frame
  • Good interpersonal skills can work independently or as a team
  • Demonstrable analytical and problem-solving skills

Benefits of an Anti-money laundering intern

  • Medical, vision, dental, and disability benefits
  • Professional development allowance
  • Competitive bonus
  • Career development program

Salary: $20 per hour.

Location: Toronto, Canada.

Duration: Four months

Application status: Ongoing

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How to Apply

  • Candidates must submit their applications through the company website
  • Please scan and submit one document that includes your cover letter, transcripts, and resume.
  • Note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Also, applications from graduates will be disqualified unless you need the internship to graduate.

Frequently Asked Questions on Anti-money Laundering Intern

What qualifications will qualify me for the hiring process?

After the application round, only candidates who pass a criminal background check and security check will advance to the hiring phase.

When is the Anti-money laundering intern program slated for?

This internship will start in May 2024 and end in August 2024.

Are there other training programs for students in Canada?

Yes, there are. If you’re interested in student training programs, you can browse through the options here.


Ultimately, this internship is an opportunity you should seize if you are hungry for career growth. You can easily achieve both personal and professional growth from this program.


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