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BDO South Africa Internship is a step-up chance for job seekers in South Africa who want to gain promotions through BDO’s Yes program. Before you send in applications, you must understand that this is a rare employment opportunity for individuals with relevant work experience. Internships like this help young professionals in South Africa get the feel and pressure that come with an actual work environment. 

More so, BDO interns who provide excellent service get the support of an attentive company to step up in their profession. This internship program promises so many benefits you will need for growth in your career. But first, let’s discuss in detail the role of a BDO intern and how to apply for this program successfully. 

About BDO South Africa

BDO South Africa Services, a subsidiary of BDO International, was introduced to Cape Town in 1916. The company is an accounting firm that assists with various services, including management accounting, financial statement audits, international tax advice, and other financial services. 

With over 113,307 employees worldwide, BDO remains the fifth biggest accounting hub able to cater to a large client base, including financial services, the health sector, and family businesses. The company is the best choice for graduates looking to gain experience in the accounting field.

Overview of BDO South Africa internship

At the BDO Yes program, interns will get the feel of career promotion from student to employee; applicants must show team spirit as they’ll be part of a functional and growing team for closer monitoring. 

Company experts are available to provide first-hand mentorship and training. Of course, interns must be eager to learn and respectful to superiors to benefit fully. Furthermore, you will get fair compensation for your input during this internship.

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What are the responsibilities of an intern at BDO South Africa? 

Interns will build a relationship and interact with BDO SA managers and partners as part of their responsibility. They will also manage tasks individually and send in reports of assignments. 

Most importantly, they will assist managers in planning and executing projects before the deadline. 

What are the requirements for a BDO South Africa internship? 

  • To participate, candidates must prove they have at least one year of work experience. 
  • Must have a degree or diploma in Engineering/ Commerce
  • Certification in business analysis or project management. 
  • Must be good in writing and speaking the English language
  • Should be able to handle stress and provide service under pressure. 
  • Quality and detail-focused

Benefits of BDO South Africa internship

Interns at BDO receive salary or stipends according to SAICA’s rules, so you can rest assured that the company will give you your due reward. Other benefits include; 

  • Mentorship
  • Flexibility 
  • Entrepreneurial environment

Job type: part-time

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng. 

Duration: 9-12 months

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How to apply

  • Register on the BDO career website and select the position of your choice in your region. Afterward, upload your CV with a copy of your ID and your complete academic transcript and submit your application. 
  • Prepare for a physical assessment. 

Frequently asked questions on the BDO South Africa internship

What is the full meaning of BDO? 

BDO is an acronym that stands for the initials of the surnames of the founders of the company, Binder, Djiker, and Otte. 

How long does the selection process last? 

There is no time set because the number of applicants determines the application process. However, most applications receive a due response within a month. 


In general, you will emerge from this program as a professional with a full range of business and career experience, ready to provide exceptional service at any given opportunity. 


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