Unlock A World Of Career Success With Uber South Africa Internship Programs

The Uber South Africa internship program is offered by Uber company. A service provider of mobility and delivery, but has created several internship programs to help expose interns to real work situations where they can creatively offer solutions and take on significant assignments while learning from professionals in their various fields.

Compared to titles and degrees, work experience better qualifies individuals for job opportunities, and these programs are designed to make you a better candidate for top jobs in your field.


Therefore, a few of Uber South Africa’s internship programs are available to qualified candidates. Suppose you are interested and looking to start your career with a major company; you can check out the following options.

Uber South Africa Operations internship


Interns at Uber operations get to work side by side with the operations manager at Uber’s mobility and delivery department.

The company will assigned major projects to these interns, which will include data analysis. The internship will test your communication skills as you’ll be learning and interacting with senior workers in the company who will also serve as mentors.

Who should apply for the Uber South Africa Operations internship

  • Candidates enrolled for a bachelor’s or master’s degree at the time of the internship
  • Must be free from March 2024 to participate full-time for a period of six months
  • Candidates must have a permit to work in Johannesburg
  • Should have knowledge of data analytics and basic programming

Uber MBA Internship

This Summer program allows MBA interns to take on projects depending on the problem a particular region is facing. They must find innovative ideas to move the operations team forward. Interns must maintain a good working relationship with people from other departments so they can get the information they need to create solutions.


Who should apply for the Uber MBA internship

  • Aspirants must be pursuing an MBA program and have plans to continue after the internship.
  • Must be full-time intern from June – July 2024
  • Candidate should have a work permit in South Africa
  • Should have a command of the English language

Interview: February – April 2024.

Benefits of Uber South Africa internship programs

Uber does not leave its interns without providing some perks. The following are some of the benefits for the interns in this company:

  • Monthly allowance
  • Uber credit
  • Free Mentorship
  • Free meals
  • Housing stipends

How to apply


Look out for the internship opportunity on the company’s website

Send in your application and be ready for an interview.

Frequently asked questions about the Uber South Africa internship program

Will Uber retain interns after the Internship?

There is no guarantee of a permanent job after the Uber South Africa internship. However, good performance during the training will give you a high recommendation in the case of a job opening.

Are Uber internships a full or part-time program?

The Uber South Africa internship program is a full-time program for students to participate fully without being stressed out. Interns will work as full-time staff with extra mentorship benefits.

What type of questions should I expect during the internship interview?

There aren’t any questions set in stone. However, the interviewer will be interested in your experiences and knowledge of the company’s operations.


An internship with Uber, a globally recognized company, Can be the boost you need for an excellent career.



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