Manufacturing Process Engineering Internship

P&G’s manufacturing process engineering internship is a developmental program that provides valuable and preparatory work experience for individuals in the engineering discipline. Unlike other programs, prior work experience is not a prerequisite for participation in this internship. Candidates need tertiary qualifications and the ability to take the initiative.

More so, this program is one of the most sought-after internship opportunities in South Africa. This is because the host company values interns and invests in their careers by introducing them to company experts who will monitor their progress and expand their knowledge. The duration of this internship depends on your dedication to your duties. This manufacturing process engineering internship is necessary for world-class training, resumè-building, and employment positioning. 


About Procter and Gamble

Procter and Gamble, also known as P&G, has existed for over 180 years. The company’s name was derived from its founders, William Procter and James Gamble. P&G is a multinational consumer goods company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have over 100 brands in their product portfolio, including personal care products, beauty products, health care products, and beverages. 


Finally, Procter and Gamble is a worldwide consumer goods marketer that depends on innovation for growth. For this reason, the company is ready to partner with innovative individuals ready to join its workforce of over 106,000 employees to foster this development. 

About The P&G’s Manufacturing Process Engineering internships 

This internship is a chance to kick off a career in manufacturing. This is because P&G saddles you with responsibilities from the program’s onset as you receive professional mentoring from industry experts.

Also, the environment at P&G is competitive and enables individuals willing to apply their skills to create innovative solutions to challenging tasks. Meanwhile, interns are expected to work shifts at the Procter and Gamble manufacturing site, which functions 24/7.

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Duties of P&G’s Manufacturing Process Engineering Intern

  • Eradicate loss
  • Quality control
  • Enhance manufacturing strategies
  • Improve engineering systems and entire production processes (material flow optimization, conservation of energy and resources, breakdown, cutback failure)

Eligibility criteria for the Manufacturing Process Engineering intern

  • Candidates must be recent graduates or undergraduates in an engineering field. 
  • Must be proficient in the English language 
  • Must be a South African citizen with a smart ID card
  • Must possess excellent communication skills
  • Should have leadership and analytical skills. 
  • Must be a creative thinker with great discipline 
  • Should be able to function in various teams and organizations. 
  • Should be teachable and flexible 

Benefits of P&G’s Manufacturing Process Engineering Internship

  • Monthly Salary
  • Business Exposure
  • Skills development 
  • Professional connections

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa 

Duration: 2-3 months

Application deadline: Unspecified


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How to apply

  • Click on the P&G official website
  • Include your education information and a copy of your resume in your application. 
  • After submitting your application, you’ll be directed to take an online assessment. If you meet all the requirements for this role, the recruiting team will invite you for an interview. 

Frequently asked questions on P&G’s Manufacturing Process Engineering internship

How long does the online assessment last? 

It takes about 20-60 minutes to complete the online assessment. 

What type of assessment should I expect? 

There are two types of online assessments. One is the peak performance assessment to check your background, competencies, and experience. At the same time, the other is an interactive assessment that judges your cognitive abilities and tackles any misunderstanding from your application. 

What is the work schedule for this manufacturing process engineering internship? 

This is a full-time program. 

In summary, managing core manufacturing responsibilities will boost your confidence and ignite your potential. The manufacturing process engineering internship is also a platform that enables physical interaction, so you’ll leave this program with both professional and social connections.


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