Sasol HR internship

Sasol HR internship comprises a series of training programs aimed at discovering and developing a wealth of professional skills you need to become a qualified HR. Becoming a Human Resources intern in a global company like Sasol requires you to carry out many learning and development functions. However, you will not be left without practical experience at the end because the Sasol HR internship offers a series of training on administrative duties, coordination, and other multifunctional training you need to excel in your career.

Furthermore, candidates willing to go for this internship program at Sasol South Africa should understand that this program offers more than just a training platform. For example, for interns who perform above average during the internship, a permanent employment position at Sasol South Africa is possible. For this reason, Sasol HR Internship is a crucial program you should not miss out on if you want to increase your knowledge and skills development.


About Sasol South Africa

Sasol is a chemical and energy company based in Sandston, South Africa established in 1950. It’s a public company listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange in South Africa and the New York stock exchange in the U.S. Through knowledge and expertise, Sasol has integrated high technology into its operations. 


Coupled with being a producer of various quality products, the company ensures its business is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. They also have a retention initiative that allows them to retain thirty-two percent of their qualified interns.

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Overview of Sasol HR Internship

Sasol’s HR internship is essential to the company’s strategic recruiting culture. Through this program, most interns are refined to maintain a permanent solution at the company. Like other internship programs, the Sasol HR internship provides interns with the information and skills they need to succeed as future HRs. 

Also, this program is solely for South Africans who need valuable insight into the operations of a major chemicals company.


Key job accountabilities at Sasol HR internship

  • Overseeing bookings of internal and external courses and training programs.
  • Maintaining company records and filing systems
  • Plan meetings with stakeholders and sustain client relationships.
  • Undertake several courses on administrative duties
  • Be intimated through administrative lessons on SAP LSO based on energy business HR standards.
  • Gain knowledge of analytics.

Professional and personal competencies required

  • Certification in HR (Higher Certificate, Diploma, or degree)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Great planning and organization skills
  • Must be able to write and speak effectively
  • Basic knowledge of computer and software application
  • Ultimately, candidates must be teachable, open to feedback, and generally interested in personal growth

Benefits of Sasol HR internship

A job as Sasol’s HR intern comes with several perks, which include

  • Travel allowance
  • Medical aid
  • Recognition points from working for an international company
  • Certificates for every completed online project
  • Permanent job opportunity
  • Housing allowance, especially for people with disabilities

Duration: 12 months

Location: Sandston, South Africa


Closing date: 28th April 2023

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Application Process

  • Only Candidates who meet the minimum requirements should Submit an application via the company’s career portal.
  • Attach a professional CV to your application.
  • Shortlisted candidates should prepare for an interview



The entire process takes 60 days to complete. If you don’t get a call 60 days after your application, you should take it that your application was unsuccessful.


For the Sasol HR internship, applying does not guarantee automatic employment. Shortlisted candidates will sit for an introductory interview; if they pass, the company will invite them for a psychometric test. Lastly, your results will determine whether you’ll pass the final test. These tests will verify your qualifications, security clearance, and medical fitness.


In conclusion, internships are platforms that groom you for future employment opportunities. In like manner, the Sasol HR internship does not only expose you to on-the-job training that qualifies you to become an HR; it provides excellent candidates with a permanent job at a global company.


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