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Data Science and Engineering Internship


Unilever South Africa is hosting a Data Science and Engineering internship for graduates eager to use their talents for purposeful work. In this program, your purpose as an intern is to assist Unilever’s data and analytics market team to advance the company to a data-intelligent business. 

The D&A market unit is a world-class data and insights team comprising specialists with unique perspectives across relevant fields. Therefore, to fit into this team, you must be a driven individual with an agile mindset and an obsession with data analysis. This is undoubtedly an experience to sign up for if you wish to expand your work experience with data analytics. 

About Unilever

Unilever is a multinational consumer goods industry. Even with Unilever’s headquarters in London, the company has been able to serve over 190 countries in the global market with popular packaged goods. Some of their top brands include Rexona, Omo, Sunlight, and Knorr. Unilever was established in 1929 and has since developed innovative digital strategies to maintain and increase its customer base. 

Overview of the Data Science and Engineering Internship

This Data Science and Engineering internship is an opportunity to build digital skills. Interns will interpret necessary data to drive company growth, make decisions and promote ideas.

Additionally, they will extract relevant data to communicate trends and discern the needs of customers and fellow employees. Together with the D&A market team, interns will help UL meet world-class delivery standards. 

Above all, candidates for this role should be able to find solutions to analytical problems through quantitative and machine-learning techniques.

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What is the role of a Data Science and Engineering intern? 

To improve Unilever’s digital culture, the responsibility of interns will encompass four major areas: 

1. Deliver intelligent systems at scale. 

Leverage big data and data science to power businesses, influence business decisions, and improve client base through Data and analytics. 

2. Excessive achievements. 

Build advanced analytics products that will increase UL’s chances of contending with and winning against other global companies. 

3. Initiate decision-making assistants

Create insights from available data, and introduce teams at Unilever to using AI/ Machine learning/ Cognitive machines in driving decisions. 

4. Take advantage of data. 

Make data and data science accessible across the three-data framework (connectivity, growth, and improvement) to get to the administrative data level. 

5. Excellent information. 

Provide the company with the best information channel through consistent insight on important news, strategic actions, and leadership.

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Eligibility Criteria Unilever Data Science and Engineering Internship

  • Candidates must have a degree in any tech-related field. 
  • Should have at least a 60% average throughout their academic period. 
  • Should be able to communicate insights in a precise manner. 
  • Have an understanding of classical Statistics (Probability, Optimization, Regression, Time Series, Clustering)
  • Knowledge of SQL and experience managing a variety of databases. 
  • Basic analytic skills about unstructured assets. 
  • Work knowledge of building processes to enable data transformation, data structures, dependency, and workload management. 
  • Work experience with coding in R, R Shiny, and Python. 
  • Experience in managing large data sets and distributed computer tools (Impala, Apache Spark, Hive)
  • Ability to interpret data for business insights and improve delivery in an FMCG context. 
  • Ability to extract and combine complex, high volume, high dimensionality data from various sources (proprietary, enterprise, IoT, public domain), including unstructured data (audio, video, comment threads)

Professional skills

  • Statistical modeling
  • Python coding
  • Machine learning forecasting techniques
  • Cloud architecture (most importantly, MS Azure)
  • Operational Research and supply chain
  • Distributed computing (Hadoop, Spark)
  • Optimization techniques and tools
  • Simulation packages, e.g., Anylogic
  • Manipulating multi-source data

Key competencies

  • Business acumen
  • Machine learning 
  • Data warehouse/data lakes
  • Data Analytics 
  • Programming 
  • Data expertise
  • Model deployment 
  • Data Science 
  • Python
  • Model re-engineering
  • Cloud programming 

Benefits of the Data Science and Engineering Internship

  • Competitive salary: R 9200
  • Flexible working plan
  • Technical training 
  • Learning and development 

Application guideline

Frequently asked questions on the Data Science and Engineering internship

What is the duration of this internship? 

This internship will last for 24 months. 

What is the location of this internship? 

Unilever’s Data Science and Engineering internship will occur in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. 


In summary, this Data Science and Engineering internship is a transformative program that encourages you to build a career with a purpose and make a lasting impact with fresh ideas.


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