Grow your career with the Paramount internship program

The Paramount internship program is the right opportunity to gain valuable experience and grow your resume. With its extensive network of industry professionals and competitive pay, this program is designed to help you reach your career goals. 

Through the internship program, you will gain valuable insight into the professional world while developing your skills, expanding your professional network, and taking your career to the next level. However, the internship is not for graduates but those still enrolled in an accredited university or college.


Overview of the Paramount internship program

As a giant in the entertainment industry, students who intern at Paramount have the rare opportunity to learn and work at the forefront industry and create a successful path for themselves. Internships at this company permit you to explore your career route and encourage you to give your best as you enjoy the numerous benefits of this program.

What do you stand to benefit from the Paramount internship program?

  • You gain the opportunity to experience speaker series with industry experts.
  • Gain unique networking opportunities.
  • Participate in workshops on crafting your resume, nailing the interview, and career strategy.
  • Receive group mentorship
  • Get volunteer opportunities, on-the-job learning, etc.
  • Payment at a standard competitive hourly rate with proper work authorization needed to be employed within the United States

Paramount internship eligibility requirement

  • Only college juniors ad seniors can apply
  • Applicants must be fully available during the internship, which will be a summer program.
  • There is no need for college credit. However, you will submit the appropriate documents if the need comes up.
  • MBA and JD are also available during the summer 
  • There may be exemptions, but it depends on the needs. This should be noted on the internship application.

How is the internship work setting going to be?


The internship has a flexible work setting. Interns will have to work Hybrid; the program will allow the interns to work on-site and virtually.

Where will the internship take place?

During the interview and candidate selection, the interns will know where they will work, the office location, and the work setting.

How to apply for the internship

  • Gather your documents and be ready to submit the required ones
  • Visit the company’s website and fill out your application correctly
  • Prepare yourself for the interview


To conclude, the Paramount internship program is highly beneficial to both interns and the company. First, it helps the company to evaluate potential new employees and develop its talent pipeline. Meanwhile, interns gain the necessary skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the professional world.


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