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The Volkswagen Graduate program is a training experience for promising graduates who intend to unleash their full career potential. This is made possible with job responsibilities, expertise training, and career workshops in a corporate environment that fosters interns’ interest. Candidates who show deep interest in the auto industry stand a high chance of participating in this program and becoming future leaders. 

This means that at Volkswagen graduate internships, theory meets practice, and you gain significant experience to build a solid career in engineering. Candidates must meet the minimum requirements to apply.

However, a particular group of applicants will receive preference in line with Volkswagen’s employment, equity, and transformation goals. Read on to get the full benefits of this program. 

About Volkswagen global 

Volkswagen Global is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in the world and the largest in Europe. Their products include commercial vehicles, automobiles, turbomachinery, and internal combustion engines. The company was established in Berlin in the year 1937. 

Besides being a multinational carmaker, Volkswagen offers leasing, fleet management, and financing services. Volkswagen has a large workforce of 667,647 employees; their top employer’s award proves the company has what it takes to host an internship. 

Overview of the Volkswagen graduate program

Enrolling in this program will let you flourish in a corporate environment as a fresh graduate. You will be responsible for major projects and get an exclusive orientation of the company to provide you with in-depth knowledge of the other departments that help run the business. After completing the program, you will likely get a full-time role at Volkswagen South Africa.

This is not only a career orientation program; it can also be your one chance to gain permanent employment in the automotive industry. 

What qualifications do I need to participate in this program? 

The knowledge from this program is of essence to individuals with a background in engineering, such as; 

  • Bachelor’s degree/ B-Tech/BEng/National diploma in any of the following fields
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mechatronic Engineering 
  • Industrial Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Educational qualifications for the general graduate program; 
  • Bachelor’s degree/ BTech/ National diploma in:
  • Finance
  • Accounting 
  • Logistics
  • Public relations
  • Commerce
  • Data science/computer science 
  • Information technology
  • Public Management and administration 

What are the benefits of participating in the Volkswagen graduate program?

  • Special employee discount when purchasing a Volkswagen product. 
  • Intensive support from industry mentors. 
  • Paid leave
  • Salary

Location: Kariega, Eastern Cape, South Africa. 

Duration: 11 months

Start date:  01 February 2024.

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How to apply

  • Click on the Volkswagen e-recruit website 
  • Upload your CV with copies of your academic record. 
  • Attach a letter of intent to your application form. 
  • Submit your application and wait for feedback.

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Frequently asked questions on the Volkswagen graduate program

What is the selection process for this Volkswagen Graduate Program? 

After the online application, candidates with above-average academic results will receive invitations for a screening exercise. However, only those who succeed after this round will receive a formal employment offer. 

What attributes will make me stand out from other applicants? 

Apart from excellent academic results, Volkswagen will prefer to employ individuals who are independent thinkers and also possess good leadership abilities. 

Can a foreigner apply for this Volkswagen Graduate program? 

Unfortunately, this program is only open to graduate South African citizens, but you can check for similar positions on Volkswagen’s global career site. 

The Volkswagen graduate program is not just a stepping stone to gaining a permanent job in one of the largest automotive industries. The true allure of this internship is the exposure engineering-savvy individuals gain and the adequate professional skills they cultivate in a corporate environment. 


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