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Unilever Digital Internship


Unilever digital internship is now open for South African students and fresh graduates ready to expand their digital capacity. This job is for individuals with functional knowledge of digital tools willing to improve their abilities.

More so, this internship is a relevant upgrade every professional seeking expertise to build a rock-solid digital career must invest in. Success in the digital field requires a keen interest and knowledge of various digital tools. By actively participating in company projects, interns at Unilever South Africa will acquire the necessary expertise to navigate complex digital problems. 


About Unilever South Africa

Unilever is headquartered in London but started operations in South Africa in 1890. Over time, the company has grown to become a popular consumer goods company. The company has successfully built a name associated with the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of over 400 popular products, including Omo, pears, Dove, and Blue Band margarine.


Also, it’s presence in 190 countries promotes employees’ professional networking and association with experts from different cultures. If your plan entails learning in a professional setting and you re in South Africa, this internship may be of interest to you. 

Overview of Unilever digital internship

The role of a digital intern in a successful consumer goods company in South Africa requires experiential knowledge to take on responsibilities such as MSSQL database maintenance, examination of OT network health and anti-virus updates, backups, and overall health checks.

Therefore, digital interns will gain career growth, job experience, and professional networking through this work platform.

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Duties of a Unilever digital intern

  • Establish network topology for the control systems network
  • Revise cyber security templates
  • Record control system device IP list
  • Organize ethernet devices
  • Enhance control systems network
  • Develop tag structure for DFOS
  • Design a webpage for the digital factory
  • Support professionals on network and IT-related issues

Eligibility criteria for Unilever digital internship 

  • Must have a diploma or degree in IT support, software, and hardware courses. 
  • Matric with physical sciences and mathematics 
  • Excellent use of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 
  • Anti-virus software skills
  • Excellent problem-solving and diagnostic abilities
  • Functional knowledge of the following 
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Azure
  • At least one Opc UA tag configurator
  • Database programming and maintenance of IT devices and hubs
  • CompTIA A+ (bonus skill)
  • Configuration of Ethernet devices
  • VMWare, ESXi, or other hypervisors
  • Acronis or other cyber protection solutions

Benefits of Unilever digital internship

Unilever interns get a monthly salary of ZAR 9,007, which is higher than other internships in South Africa. Additionally, you’ll also receive additional stipends from time to time. Furthermore, participants will receive guidance from top experts in the field.

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Application guidelines 

  • Click on the Unilever careers website and fill out the internship application form. 
  • For a successful application, candidates must attach all the necessary documents to their CVs, 
  • Prepare for an interview. 

Location: Lordsview factory, Johannesburg. 


Duration: Six months

Frequently asked questions on Unilever digital internship

How long does it take to get a response after application? 

All successful applications will receive a reply within 14 days of submission. Consider your application disqualified if you don’t get a response within the stipulated time. 

What are the necessary documents I should attach to my CV? 

The relevant documents include your qualification certificates, a copy of your ID, and your complete academic transcripts. 

What kind of interview should I expect for this internship? 

Candidates who meet the requirements for this role will be invited for a virtual interview. 


In essence, aspiring digital professionals who require proper insight and mastery in the digital field must take advantage of the guidance this internship provides. 



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