Unilever Winter Vacation Internship

The Unilever winter vacation internship is a program for students and fresh graduates who want to experience work functions related to their discipline. This program revolves around giving young professionals their first work experience, but they must be ready to assist in brand development for a leading consumer goods company.

Although many internships in South Africa promises experience, the Unilever winter vacation internship offers so much more; it promises an opportunity to enrich yourself with career-fit skills while improving lives with innovative solutions.


About Unilever company

Unilever is a global manufacturing and marketing company. It was established in London, England but was introduced in South Africa in 1891. The company is a household name in the consumer goods industry.


More so, about 400 Unilever products are consumed in over 190 countries. These brands include Pears, Dove, Omo, Lipton Tea, and Blue Band magazine. For over 120 years, the company’s investment in producing quality products has improved the global standard of living.

Overview of Unilever Winter Vacation Internships

All Unilever internships are open to individuals who have the right education to handle work functions as they arise. Also, the vacation internship will perfect your work skill in a global company while increasing the achievements on your CV. Here’s a list of Unilever winter vacation internships opportunities in South Africa

Research and Development Internship

This program offers you the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to product production. You will experience several aspects of brand development.

Key roles of a research and development intern at Unilever include

Formulation development: One of your concerns in this department is to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, you work as a formulation technologist by bringing to life features that will arouse the interest of consumers.


Packaging Development: Interns will create concepts and design irresistible packaging. Moreover, you’ll make use of technology to develop your packaging ideas.

Regulatory affairs: In this unit, you’ll be responsible for customers’ safety by introducing only products that fit production standards to the market.

Consumer technical insight: Take on evaluation and research projects to study customer behavior and preference.


Processing Development (Engineer): Study product development and work at achieving a sustainable production process.

Chefmanship: Study global and local food trends and consumers’ preferred flavors and combine knowledge to produce excellent homemade tastes.

Nutrition and health: Work on the nutritional value of food and ingredients and strategically communicate the health benefits of products to consumers.

Specification Management: Interns will act as custodians of all the technical information required for flawless production.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Applicants must possess or be enrolled for a university degree in Chemistry.
  • Must have a BTECH in Chemistry

Marketing Internship

As a marketing intern, you’ll study the brand from a customer’s perspective and work directly with the customer team to develop ideas that will appeal to customers. The marketing intern acts as the ambassador of the company to customers.

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Key responsibilities of Unilever Marketing Intern

Global brand marketing: Interns will influence customer preference and uniquely suggest ideas to boost product sales. More so, you will create innovations that enhance brand growth.

What qualifies you for this position?

  • You must possess or studying for a 3-year university degree with a preference for BCOM, BENG, AND BBS degrees
  • 4-year BTECH degree (NQ F level 7)

Supply Chain Planning, Logistics, and Procurement Internship

Duties of supply, logistics, and procurement interns include

Customer service excellence: Interns should be able to estimate future product demand and coordinate the supply of production materials to match orders. Additionally, in this phase, you will oversee the storage and transportation of finished products.

Supply management procurement: For this branch of the Unilever winter vacation internship, interns will communicate with suppliers as foremen, the source for raw materials and supplies to aid maximum productivity

Minimum requirements

  • Must have or be studying for a university degree in any discipline, preferably B COMM supply chain, BBS
  • 4-year BTECH degree (NQF level 7) in any field with a preference for BTECH logistics, BTECH supply chain.

Location: South Africa

Duration: 6 months

Benefits of Unilever winter vacation internship

  • Salary: 8,000
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Opportunity to network with supportive and inspiring experts

How to apply

Visit the company’s website and apply for your preferred internship



Candidates selected for the Unilever winter vacation internship should be ready to put in 32 hours of work in a week


All eligible candidates will sit for a virtual interview.


To conclude, through internships, you will discover your true potential and learn to use your knowledge to enhance career growth.


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