Corteva Agriscience Millwright Internship

The Corteva Agriscience  Millwright internship is a profitable program for individuals interested in building a career in equipment or machine maintenance. It is particularly for bright and agile individuals with prior Millwrights experience. As an intern, you’ll work with the equipment department of Corteva Agriscience. One advantage of the Corteva Agriscience internship is that it offers interns an on-job learning opportunity.

This means that while you contribute your best ideas to the company’s development, you’ll gain access to experts who will coach you through intense tasks and training. Furthermore, internship programs like this expose you to rigorous training, which in turn builds your experience and empowers you with adequate skills for career development.


About Corteva Agriscience

Established in 2019, Corteva Agriscience, through the use of technology, has manufactured several products that enrich the quality of agricultural produce around the world. Moreover, Corteva Agriscience remains a leading manufacturer of various products that can improve your farming experience.


These products include herbicides, pesticides, and seed protection; all aid in increasing productivity and profit. Because of the agricultural solutions they provide, Corteva Agriscience has created a solid presence in most major farms worldwide.

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Overview of Corteva Agriscience Millwright internship

The Corteva Agriscience internship will introduce you to their team of experts. The company has over 20,000 workers from over 130 countries. An opportunity to work alongside experts will help you acquire the knowledge to be a qualified Millwright. Interns will be taught to identify and resolve all issues the warehouse equipment may have.

In addition, Millwright interns will be solely responsible for the availability and maintenance of equipment. For the period of this program, you get to work in an inclusive work environment. Regardless of your culture and age, your idea and suggestions are welcome.


Responsibilities of millwright interns at Corteva Agriscience internship

  • Interns will receive training that will help them improve the effectiveness of machinery 
  • Keep to the Corteva safety work rules and procedures in the maintenance unit
  • Millwrights hired for Corteva Agriscience internships will be assigned to maintenance-related duties, which include,
  • Studying the maintenance of small-scale plants under the supervision of a professional.
  • Helping other Corteva Millwrights carry out their functions
  • Keeping a record of spares and how to use them
  • Ensuring tools are properly stored and ready for use
  • Repairing faulty machines
  • Working together with other maintenance employees
  • Identifying problematic equipment.
  • Observation and practice of plant modification

Eligibility Requirements

  • Candidate must be computer literate and efficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, and Word)
  • Grade 12 or certification as a Millwright
  • Have an understanding of machinery safety precautions
  • Must have at least one year of experience in a production industry

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Benefits of Corteva Agriscience Internship

Coupled with the intense training Millwrights experience, the Corteva Agriscience internship offers a competitive salary and several health benefits to ensure workers’ physical and mental well-being. Also, interns take pride in being part of the solution finders in a leading global Agro-based industry.


Location: Kroonstad, SPSC, South Africa, AmE

Duration: 1 year

How To Apply

Interested candidates should submit an application with a resume showing proof of Millwright experience on the company’s website.

After this, selected candidates should prepare for a series of interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions on Corteva Agriscience Internship

Is there a work-from-home option for Millwrights at Corteva Agriscience?

No. Corteva Agriscience does not support a work-at-home policy because Millwright interns must be physically present to study and maintain equipment.

How long does the recruitment process take?

From the time you submit your application until you get a response, the process takes at least two months to complete.

How many rounds of interviews will I undergo at Corteva?

Aspirants will have to sit for two interviews, one’s a video interview, and the other will be a physical interview to test their level of competence.


To put it briefly, if you are not so sure of your capability in the area of equipment maintenance, the Corteva Agri science internship will help you cultivate the skills that qualify you as a valuable Millwright. You need the opportunity this internship provides to build valuable relationships that will further your career.


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