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Southwire Engineering internship 2024


Southwire is offering an Engineering internship that aims at providing unlimited growth and career opportunities for students. As a self-starter, there are ample situations to drive you and power your development. For instance, all interns get challenging responsibilities that prepare them to handle actual jobs.

Also, they will support the company and improve the quality of services to customers. They will serve as the eyes of the company, updating the team on changes and trends in the market.


Candidates who fit the requirements for this role should apply immediately. This article will assist you with relevant information for the application process.

About Southwire LLC


Southwire LLC is a North American company that deals in cable and wire production. Their products contribute to the successful transmission and distribution of power to a large population.

The company was established by Roy Richards in 1985. It is now the largest producer of electrical cables in North America.

In addition to their famous products, they also produce engineering equipment, electrical cords, and other lighting solutions. Southwire is in the best position to train electrical engineering students.

Overview of Southwire Engineering internship

This is a hybrid role that requires interns to be physically present at least twice a week. The right candidate for the Southwire engineering internship should be able to manage tasks with little or no supervision.


As you work to support the company’s growth, there are provisions to reward you through several means. Aside from the usual internship salary, participants are eligible to receive tuition reimbursement amidst other benefits.

Southwire has a great interest in the well-being of employees, so you will not be neglected during service. However, active participation makes you eligible to reap these rewards.

What are the responsibilities of a Southwire engineering intern?

  • Carry out extensive research on vertical markets to understand potential opportunities for business growth.
  • Study competition, market trends, and customer preferences within specific verticals.
  • Draft informative profiles of target customers within the emerging verticals
  • Create reports in the form of insights throwing light on market trends and research findings.
  • Pinpoint potential issues and opportunities and present reports to the sales and engineering teams
  • Record, steps, methodologies, data sources, and results of market research
  • Provide feedback on future projects in each strategic vertical by start date, location, and size

Who is the ideal candidate for the Southwire engineering internship?

The eligible candidate for this position must have;

  • Not less than 2.5 GPA
  • Dependable means of transportation to and from work
  • Must be studying for an Electrical or Mechanical degree in a recognized college or university

What are the benefits of a Southwire engineering internship?

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Skills advancement opportunity
  • Flexible schedule
  • Training
  • Professional connections

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Duration: Four months

Application status: Ongoing

Salary: $18.40 per hour

How to apply

  • Register your email on the company’s website to start the application process
  • Upload your resume and cover letter
  • Submit your application and wait for further directions.

Note the company will only consider applications from electrical or mechanical engineering students. Study the requirements to be sure you are the right fit for the job.

Frequently asked questions on Southwire engineering internship

What is the date for this internship?

This program is scheduled to start on May 20 and on August 9, 2024.

How long does it take to complete the hiring process for a Southwire engineering internship?

It takes about 14 days to complete.

Where can I find other internships for students in Canada?

You can choose from several internships and jobs in Canada opportunities here.


This internship is a brilliant idea for engineering student looking for real-life opportunities to apply their knowledge. Overall, you will get solid training and also experience a professional work setting through this program



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