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Hopelab Learning and Impact Intern 2024


Hopelab is calling qualified individuals to apply for their learning and impact intern program. Interested candidates must be eager to participate in this transformative training. Due to the flexible schedule this program allows, students can combine this training and other school programs without stress.

Also, there are provisions for interaction with field professionals while on the job. So, this may be your chance to develop helpful connections. To excel in this field, there’s a need for applicants to possess the required professional skills.

Interns can maximize this opportunity to grow on the job, learn more about data management, and acquire more skills. Read further to learn more about this program

About Hopelab

Hopelab is a transformative social innovation lab and impact investor that centers on improving the mental well-being of adolescents between 10-25 years of age. They also assist young people, especially BIPOC and LGBTQ.

The lab runs from philanthropic funding, intergenerational partnerships, and collaborations. Interns must understand the importance of their input and how it can improve the lives of young people.

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Overview of Hopelab Learning and Impact Intern

Recruitment for the Hopelab Learning and Impact Intern program aims at discovering talents from diverse backgrounds. As an intern, this could be your chance to land a permanent position after school.

Candidates from underrepresented backgrounds are welcome to send in their resumes for this role. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, all applications from qualified candidates will be considered during the hiring process.

Learning and impact interns will engage in data collection, analysis, and visual reporting. For their time and work in this program, interns will receive wages and other benefits.

Responsibilities of the Learning and Impact Intern

  • Plan agendas, keep notes, and record useful information during meetings
  • Plot and chart touch points with function heads
  • Monitor progress and execution of plans while strategizing when necessary
  • Cooperate with function leads and report data collection progress and problems
  • Work with L$I and workstream leads to monitor and gather data for HL’s framework
  • Sort data and check for accuracy
  • Help to reveal insights and potential implications of data

Eligibility criteria for the Learning and Impact intern program?

  • Enrolled for a graduate program in any of these fields: monitoring and evaluation, Data Analytics, Public Health, Strategy, and Business
  • Proficiency in building data processes and infrastructure
  • Understanding of desk research, which may include obtaining information from websites and conducting interviews
  • Experienced in Data collection, analysis, cleaning, and presentation of insights
  • Ability to handle complex cross-functional projects unsupervised
  • Strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills
  • Interest in health, technology, and well-being of youth.


  • Flexible schedule
  • Experience

Salary: $30 per hour

Duration: Six months.

Application deadline: March 17, 2024.

How to Apply

  • Register your application on the company’s website
  • Upload your resume or fill it out manually
  • Ensure you provide the right information and submit it.
  • Wait for feedback from the HR unit.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Learning and Impact Intern Program

What is the work schedule for this program?

Interns are expected to work for 15-20 hours per week.

When will this internship commence?

The Hopelab Learning and Impact Intern program will start in May or June 2024.

Are there other similar internships for students in the United States?

Yes. You can find other internship positions here.


To conclude, this is a remote program, so you can work from any location. The flexible schedule and meaningful projects are among the myriad benefits of this internship.


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