Meltwater media analyst internship: Requirements and benefits.

Meltwater media analyst internship program seeks knowledgeable and enthusiastic South African graduates ready to put in the work and grow their future careers in the media world. Meltwater as a company is interested in individuals who can contribute valuable ideas to the company, so it makes sure to accord all interns loads of benefits as a reward for their positive input.

Beyond these excellent benefits ranging from stipends to accommodation, one primary purpose of internships is the need to increase knowledge while working in an informative environment. For this reason, most graduates find it pertinent to collaborate with major companies for skills learning and improvement. Now, in addition to being a top company, here’s why you should consider Meltwater company for your internship program.


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Overview of Meltwater company.


Meltwater is a prominent media monitoring company established in 2001. It has around 60 offices on six continents. Running for two decades, it maintains a lead globally in the world of media intelligence and provide social analytics solutions. Moreover, through the help of artificial intelligence, Meltwater has been able to provide services for 30,000 customers as an online listening tool. The company forms a connection between public relations, communication, and marketing by utilizing AI-sourced solutions.

About Meltwater media analyst internship

Meltwater media analyst internship is a program for individuals who want to train and achieve career success through the media analyst intern role. Fortunately, Meltwater is the world’s first media monitoring program that has grown in experience in social media analytics.

Therefore, this opportunity is the right platform needed to develop the interns’ analytical skills hence Meltwater’s interest in individuals with Basic knowledge of media intelligence. Also, interns are placed under a professional support team to ensure individual growth and customer satisfaction.

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Responsibilities of Meltwater media analyst intern

  • Compile Daily and weekly selected newsletter
  • Give a detailed summary of customers’ specific needs
  • Take note of Delivery deadlines
  • Supervise operations to ensure customers’ satisfaction
  • Ensure reports are well written
  • Follow-up on visual reports


  • Must be a recent university graduate with inventive and creative skills
  • Should have prior experience in media insight/reporting and analytics/traditional or social media/media agencies, public relations/digital-marketing/ marketing and communication
  • Should have Mathematics or statistics qualifications from a credible university
  • Possess excellent oral and writing skills.

 Benefits of the Meltwater internship

  • Provides a platform for career development
  • Mentoring and follow-up from seasoned experts
  • Accommodating work environment for people from every culture
  • Membership tag.
  • Special holidays
  • Office parties

 Location: Cape Town, South Africa.


Application date: Ongoing

How to apply

  • Check out the company’s website
  • Click on career web, register, and apply
  • Attach your resume showing relevant skills
  • Get ready for an interview

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Frequently asked questions about the Meltwater internship.

Do I have to wait a long time to get feedback after I submit my application?

No. All applications at Meltwater get a due response after a week.

What is the hiring process Meltwater internship?

Eligible candidates get virtual introductory calls from a member of the Meltwater team. Afterward, candidates sit for a physical interview conducted at the office. However, only individuals who perform excellently will take part in the internship program.

What special skill do I need to excel at Meltwater?

To succeed as a Meltwater intern, you must have excellent writing skills to write reports. Also, you should be able to communicate effectively. This distinguishes you from your colleagues.


In conclusion, upon completing the Meltwater internship, you’ll realize how much the exposure you gained through constant practice of your responsibilities as a media analyst intern will increase your analytics skills. Consequently, these skills will place you at an advantage over your competitors in the case of a job opportunity.


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