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BAT South Africa internships provides an exceptional work opportunity for recent graduates who want to achieve rapid career progression. The right candidate for this program must be willing to learn, ambitious, and passionate about career growth.

As a career-minded individual, you must wish for growth in your chosen field. However, wishes don’t guarantee success; consistent practice does. 

At BAT summer internship, career progression is a significant reward for your contribution, but first, you will manage tasks and take on projects that suit your discipline. To earn this reward, you must carefully select and apply for the right internship peculiar to your discipline from the options I’ll share in this article. 

About BAT South Africa

This program is powered by British American Tobacco, a global manufacturer of cigarettes, nicotine, and other tobacco-based products. The company was founded in 1902 in London, England. In 2019, BAT made a mark as the biggest tobacco company in the world. With over 200 brands made in 44 factories located in 42 countries worldwide, British American Tobacco has become a multi-million company.

Also, the company has over 55000 employees of different nationalities. For this reason, BAT has received recognition as a top global employer for six consecutive years. This means the company provides an inclusive ground for foreigners to get internships in South Africa and worldwide.

Overview of BAT South Africa internships

BAT South Africa internship spans across multiple disciplines. Through this program, you get to work in a dynamic global organization. Also, you will gain the essential experience you need to develop your business and leadership capabilities. Applicants for this program must know their duties. However, due consideration will be given to candidates from designated groups. The best part is you will be paid for participating in this internship.

BAT Finance internship

For this position, you will receive training through an assignment coach who will drill you through tasks concerning corporate and market finance. Again interns at the finance unit of British American Tobacco will contribute to the company’s financial health.

What qualifies you for the BAT finance internship?

  • Candidate must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting within the last two years.
  • Must be a highly analytical individual with excellent planning and organizational skills

BAT procurement internship

BAT procurement interns must be graduates with a Bachelor’s degree. Eligible candidates must have a solid analytical approach and good organizational skills as they will oversee operations and devise procurement strategies beneficial to the company.

Finally, candidates with the expertise and talent to thrive in an innovative organization are welcome to apply for this role.

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What do you stand to gain from BAT South Africa internships?

  • Competitive salary: ZAR 200,093
  • Mentorship
  • Career progression

Location: Cape Town, South Africa.

Duration: One year

How to apply

Visit the company’s career portal, select an internship, and submit your application.

Frequently asked questions about BAT South Africa Internships

What do I expect after I submit my application?

After applying, candidates will undergo a challenging but interesting selection process; part of this process is a prescreening exercise depending on your internship choice.

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What is the screening interview for the BAT South Africa internship like?

For the first part, candidates will play a set of games to measure their behavioral, social, and cognitive traits. After that, there will be a phone interview to check if you fit the job. Lastly, candidates will go through a face-to-face interview to enable them to interact with the company leaders.


Ultimately, through these internships, you will learn to maximize your career potential and develop ideas to assist you on your journey to a greater professional level.


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