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Nestle Marketing Graduate Program


Nestle marketing graduate program is an effort of the world’s best food and beverages company to contribute to the career growth of South African talents. As a marketing graduate trainee, you will give and also receive value in the advertising and marketing unit. 

Often, through graduate programs, most trainees get a broader perspective of the responsibilities peculiar to their discipline. Because Nestle South Africa is ready to recruit only individuals with unique talents, there’s a high chance of interaction between brilliant young minds with competitive backgrounds. In other words, you get to establish profitable connections relevant to your career journey. 

So long as you’re passionate about marketing and ready to nurture your talent, participating in this program will make a massive difference in your career. 

About Nestle South Africa 

Henry Nèstle, a pharmacist from Switzerland, founded Nestle, a multinational food and drinks company, in 1866. However, the first Nestle products entered South Africa in 1872 and became a full company in 1896. Nestle has grown into a leading food processing company with over one billion dollars in annual revenue.

More so, they have a workforce of more than 379,000 workers who operate 447 factories worldwide. Nestle is a major shareholder in other reputable companies like L’Oreal. Nestle remains one of the largest public companies with a work culture that unlocks excellent talents worldwide.

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Overview of Nestle Marketing graduate program

A major advantage of this program is the dynamic and flexible environment Nestle offers. 

Nestle’s work condition permits marketing trainees to explore multiple units and also gain work experience across several locations. Furthermore, a network of experts will be available to render coaching and training services to marketing graduate trainees.

Job description of Nestle marketing graduate trainee. 

For Nestle’s marketing graduate program, trainees will become assistants to marketing executives within the company and execute tasks relevant to their roles. 

Some of these tasks include but are not limited to; 

  • Assist in the development of sales and marketing strategies to drive higher sales. 
  • Develop lasting relationships with customers to understand their preferences and needs. 
  • Analyze sales records and relate necessary improvements to unit heads. 
  • Conduct market research and be attentive to market trends. 
  • Document client contact information to inform them of the availability of products. 
  • Help the advertising unit with promotion plans. 
  • Carryout other administrative duties
  • Draft emails or social media campaign posts

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Eligibility criteria for Nestle marketing graduate program. 

The best candidate to fill this role must meet the following criteria. 

Education qualifications

  • B.com in Marketing
  • Degree in Strategic Marketing
  • B.com in Digital Marketing 

Other requirements include the following; 

  • Ability to communicate effectively 
  • Possess great leadership skills
  • Must be passionate, agile, and resilient. 
  • An individual with a unique mindset

What are the benefits of Nestle graduate program? 

  • Salary: ZAR 319,866 per year. 
  • Coaching 
  • Career insight
  • Work experience 
  • Skills development
  • Professional Recognition

Location: Bryanston, Gauteng, South Africa. 

Duration: 24 months 

Application guideline

  • First, you must register on Nestle’s career portal to apply for your favorite position. 
  • Attach your credentials highlighting your professional journey and career achievements. 

Frequently asked questions on Nestle graduate program? 

How long does it take to submit a job application on the site? 

The entire process takes about 35 minutes to complete, from registration to the job application. 

Does Nestle encourage flexible conditions? 

Yes. The company has a great interest in increasing productivity and efficiency. For this reason, any working condition and innovative idea that will boost employees’ performance is welcome. 

What’s the employment type for this program? 

This program offers a full-time employment plan. 

In summary, this inspiring opportunity from Nestle South Africa will support your ambitions and develop your professionalism through practical training from a wide range of marketing executives. 


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