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Investment Banking Winter Analyst Internship


The Bank of America investment banking winter analyst internship program is a must for young South Africans ready to conquer the financial sector, especially the investment banking industry. It is an exciting opportunity and a lifetime empowerment goal to intern and learn under the expert eyes and brains behind the Bank of America company.

Successful candidates will be able to gain full in-depth ‘know-how’ that will push them towards intentionality and success for a successful career in the future.

However, willing candidates must meet some criteria as this internship program is strictly for qualified individuals in South Africa.

Overview of the Bank of America

BoA, as it is often referred to, is an American investment banking of a multinational caliber. It is the second-largest bank in the U.S. and still the second-largest globally, judging by market capitalization. 

The Bank of America was founded in San Francisco, California but currently has its headquarters at the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America. It also has another auxiliary headquarter in Manhattan. 

The bank serves over 10.73 percent of all American deposits, with its primary duty being investment banking, commercial banking, and wealth management.

Overview of the Investment banking winter internship

The winter internship program has a lot to offer interns in building a foundation for their future. This program will help the interns to gain exposure to various countries, industries, and product coverage teams.

Furthermore, the industry coverage teams include consumer and retail, natural resources, multi-industries, health care, financial institutions, financial sponsors, media and telecoms, real estate, gaming, and leisure. 

The product teams include corporate finance and leveraged finance, mergers, and acquisition. The country coverage teams include all the regions in the middle east, Europe, and Africa (EMEA).

More so, the intern’s training and development will be the top priorities of the hosts and will provide excellent support, opportunities, networking, and mentorship throughout the internship program.

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Your responsibility as an intern at the investment banking winter analyst internship

These are what is expected of the interns:

  • Work on projects with bankers in a selected industry, product, and country coverage groups. This is a unique opportunity to learn.
  • Help the team you are attached to and deliver lasting solutions to the bank’s clients, leveraging the full spectrum of the bank’s capabilities.
  • Actively and smartly contribute to the client’s presentations and underlying financial analysis.
  • Build bubbly and lasting relationships and knowledge that can open a range of doors for career opportunities in the future.
  • Work across multiple areas through the unique pooling system, which brings you the opportunity to explore and understand the investment banking profession.

Qualifications and Criteria for the internship program

  • Be in your penultimate year of study in an accredited school where you are pursuing a degree
  • Have a strong A-level grade and be on track for a 2:1 classification
  • Be highly fluent in the English language
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of your internship region to support the company in marketing, advertising, and coordinating investor base in the emerging market region.
  • Demonstrate drive, innovation, genuine interest, and enthusiasm in the financial markets.
  • Be a team player
  • Exhibit leadership and problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrate financial key qualities, creativity, and the capacity to work and thrive in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Influence decisions through excellent communication skills
  • Possess inter and intra-personal skills, integrity, and trust by showing honesty and professionalism in your dealings and interactions.

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  • A highly competitive salary
  • Highly rewarding networking opportunity
  • A chance to travel often
  • Meeting international financial entities
  • Possible job placement

Frequently asked questions about the investment banking winter analyst internship program.

Where will this internship take place?

The investment banking winter analyst internship program will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What type of program is it?

It is a full-time intensive internship program.

Are there options for workplace adjustment?

Yes, the Bank of America has ensured that there must be equal employment opportunities for everyone.

If you are qualified, this is an opportunity of a lifetime.


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