Hyundai Yes Internship Program

Hyundai Yes Internship program in South Africa is a unique and rewarding experience for students and recent graduates looking to gain practical work experience in the automotive industry.

The internship involves:

  • Working in a team environment.
  • Learning from and contributing to the team.
  • Gaining an appreciation for the automotive industry.

Interns will also have the chance to gain real-world experience through working on projects and tasks and will be able to develop their skills and knowledge. This is a great opportunity for recent graduates to gain valuable experience and make a real difference in the automotive industry.

About Automotive Hyundai company South Africa


Hyundai is an automotive manufacturer and dealer based in Bedfordview, South Africa. It is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motors, a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer in Seoul. Hyundai South Africa was founded in 1999 as a collaboration between the holding company associated with motor and Hyundai. This company has been assembling trucks in Gauteng and has, over the years, achieved a ten percent market share in South Africa.

Overview of the Hyundai Yes internship program

Hyundai Yes internship is open to take in about 100 graduates looking to intern in the automotive industry. The company is not looking for any automotive-based graduate; they are interested in graduates with admirable qualities and skills that will serve the company competently while also learning and upgrading their knowledge.

Applicants who applied successfully and gained entry into the program will receive a twelve-month fixed-term contract in any of these areas in South Africa.

  • Gauteng
  • Bloemfontein
  • kwaZulu-Natal
  • Western Cape

What can interns benefit from the Hyundai Yes internship program?

  • Hands-on experience

Interns at Hyundai Yes receive hands-on experience in their field of study, allowing them to gain valuable skills and knowledge that will become useful in their future careers.

  • Networking

Hyundai Yes offers interns the opportunity to build relationships with other professionals in the automotive industry to help them build career development and networking opportunities.

  • Professional development

Interns will gain valuable professional development training during their internship. They will learn essential leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

  • Career exploration

The program will allow interns to explore different areas of the automotive industry and decide which area of the industry they may want to pursue in the future.

  • Drivers license opportunity

Interns will get the opportunity to apply for and receive their driver’s licenses during the program.

  • Job placement

Upon completion of the program, Hyundai Yes may offer job placement assistance opportunities to help interns find employment in their chosen fields.

Requirements for Yes Hyundai internship

  • Candidate must have a Matric/Grade 12
  • Must be currently unemployed
  • Candidate must be between the 18 to 35 years old
  • Must demonstrate an eagerness to work in the automotive industry

How to apply for an internship program

  • Research the company and the internship program. Make sure it is a good match for your skills, interests, and career goals.
  • Prepare your resume and cover letter. Ensure it is tailored to the job and incorporates keywords from the job description.
  • Network with people with experience in the field and ask them for advice.
  • Please submit your application early, and follow up with a phone call or email to ensure they have received it.
  • Prepare for the interview—research the general questions asked during internship interviews and ask those that passed the interview in the company.
  • Be professional and enthusiastic during the interview. Demonstrate your knowledge of the company and the position, and be sure to ask thoughtful questions.
  • Follow up with a thank-you note if necessary, and stay in touch with the company if you don’t hear back right away.

Closing date

28 February 2024


Send your applications to the Hyundai career website.


To wrap it up, career boost has an avenue of becoming a reality, and internships are one of those significant avenues. Students who have chosen the career path can search our previous posts for more internship opportunities.


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