PepsiCo Internships Guide

The PepsiCo Internships is a triad of opportunities targeted at career development. Interested applicants get to choose from the three available PepsiCo internships, the most suitable program for their field. Moreover, PepsiCo is a platform that cherishes young minds for their fresh perspectives. The company, through its internships, follows through on the promise to impact lives all over the world. Apart from having the right programs that prepare young graduates for excellence in their respective fields. Here are other reasons why you should consider PepsiCo internships

About PepsiCo 

PepsiCo is one of the world’s most popular food and beverage companies. It was introduced to South Africa in 1997. PepsiCo’s main aim is to put a smile on its customers’ faces through every sip and every bite of its products. PepsiCo products are consumed more than one billion times in over 200 countries around the world.


Furthermore, PepsiCo is an employer to 12000 South Africans who manage over three corporate offices, 40 production facilities, and 70 warehouse spaces in South Africa. Through its annual revenue of one billion dollars, PepsiCo helps strengthen South Africa’s economy.

Overview of the PepsiCo internships


PepsiCo internships are tailored to train interns to take on all the functions in their respective departments.  Also, this program creates an opportunity for interns to take on projects from start to finish. As a result, interns get the chance to grow and develop skills that match your profession. As an intern at PepsiCo, you will get career advice and support from professionals and co-workers. This interaction provides an avenue for building relationships that will help in career development.

PepsiCo internships aim to advance individuals seeking early career opportunities and employment. Despite being a two-year program, most participants of PepsiCo internships get permanently employed in the company. Here’s a list of available PepsiCo internships

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PepsiCo logistics internship

This internship admits only candidates with a knowledge of logistics and supply chain. This is because, at PepsiCo internships, logistics interns get to lead a team and manage SAP MRP(Material Requirement Planning).


Responsibilities of a logistics intern at PepsiCo

  • Handle purchase orders for required materials
  • Control stock movements in SAP and check stock accuracy

What qualifies you to be a logistics intern?

  • Qualification in Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills
  • Great data analytical skills

PepsiCo quality internship

PepsiCo is looking for quality interns to join the quality control department. Successful candidates will be assigned several functions to ensure production continues to meet customers’ requirements.


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Duties of a quality intern

  • Ensure products meet the required standard
  • Ensure the packaging of products is not inferior
  • Assess raw materials and finished products
  • Conduct online surveys
  • Record information, analyze data
  • Maintain laboratory hygiene and safety procedures
  • Identify product issues
  • Test the quality of finished products 

What qualifies you to be a quality intern at PepsiCo?

  • You must have all of the following
  • 1.5 to two years of Basic experience
  • A National Diploma in Food Technology
  • Grade 12

PepsiCo production internship

The production internship is a program designed for innovative individuals looking to bring their fresh ideas to the production unit. For this reason, you must be a creative thinker to succeed as a production intern.

Responsibilities of PepsiCo production intern

  • Conduct routine checks on production equipment.
  • Manage part of the process plant.
  • Report faulty machinery

Eligibility criteria

  • Able to abide by Safety, health, and hygiene rules
  • Creative with raw material
  • Ability to proffer solutions

Benefits of PepsiCo internships

  • Weekly pay
  • Free Beverage
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Productive work environment

Location: Gauteng, South Africa

Application date: Ongoing

Application Guide

Frequently asked questions on PepsiCo Internships

How many interviews should I expect?

Candidates who meet the requirements will undergo two interviews to test their level of competence.

What’s the work environment at PepsiCo like?

PepsiCo offers a people-centric environment where employees can surround themselves with supportive professionals who ensure the workplace is fun and healthy for maximum productivity.

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To sum up, internships boost your confidence to enable you to kickstart your career. Similarly, PepsiCo Internships allow beginners to grow professionally and develop skills that will prove useful in the labor market.


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