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Impact PXA internship is a productive program for innovative individuals ready to get involved in partnership automation. This is an invitation to attain success in an enabling environment. From a series of training to experience with digital tools, this program plunges you into a place of career readiness. 

Being an employee-friendly company Impact.com offers a flexible work policy to help interns balance their lives while developing personally and professionally at their own pace. 

Typically, internships are essential for South African graduates seeking diverse career-fit skills to aid professional development. Here’s some necessary information you may need if you want to participate and contribute to this program. 

About Impact.com

Established in 2008, Impact.com deals with partnership automation, a branch of Saas technology that collaborates with companies to increase partnerships. They offer services to companies like eBay, Ticketmaster, Uber, and Walmart. Impact.com has 14 global offices and over a thousand employees across Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

Overview of Impact PXA internship

The environment and culture at Impact PXA internship also give interns an up-close chance to test their skills by managing several digital marketing projects. You will spearhead training stimulation exercises and assist creators in drafting engaging storyboards. For this reason, applicants must have professional writing experience and SEO skills. Interns will work at the office at least two times a week and support other team members with general tasks. 

Finally, If you are a special needs candidate, you can rest assured as Impact is an equal opportunity employer that values qualifications above other conditions.

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What’s the job description of an Impact PXA intern? 

  • Write and correct emails; course copy the voice and corporate identity of (CI) of PXA
  • Engage with the learning management system, intellum, and internal customer information tool operator.
  • Apply Adobe premiere pro and other additional tools to edit product and training videos. 
  • Assist PXA unit workers with solving necessary data and data analysis requirements. 
  • Develop captivating storyboards and edit voiceovers and videos together with video editors and multimedia engineers.
  • Create impact.com product training simulations

Who is the right fit for this internship? 

Candidates who possess the following are fit to apply for this job

  • Basic writing skills.
  • Innovative and creative. 
  • 0-1 year work training
  • Good analytical skills and an eye for details
  • Action-focused and customer-centric. 
  • Ability to organize with tools like Asana, Jira, and Google Calendar. 
  • Able to communicate effectively through Zoom, slack, and email. 
  • Can work without supervision, must be highly accountable and accurate. 
  • Certification in Social Sciences, Marketing, or any creative field. 
  • Must show portfolio of professional writing jobs. 
  • Knowledge of SEO and marketing
  • Experience with video editing
  • Basic certification in the PXA affiliate and partnership industry. 

What are the benefits of the Impact PXA internship? 

  • Internet allowance
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Gym fee compensation 
  • Development training
  • Professional courses
  • Medical aid and provident fund
  • Profession training and skills acquisition 

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. 

Duration: Three months

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How to apply 

Frequently asked questions on Impact PXA the 

What’s the hiring process for this program? 

Firstly, there will be an online screening for all applicants. After this, only eligible candidates will receive in or team interviews. This will enable them to familiarize themselves with their team and team members. Finally, there’ll be a background check, and candidates who scale this step will be shortlisted. 

To wrap up, PXA interns will receive core benefits, including professional courses tailored to expand their creativity and knowledge of digital tools.


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