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SACAA internships are open to cater to the career advancement of South African graduates without a job. The company is particular about employee quality, so you must possess a distinctive professional trait before you can apply for this internship. 

That said, exceptional Interns will receive rewards and recognition from the management for their excellent service and contribution to the agency’s growth. 

An internship program affords you opportunities for personal development while building excellent soft skills to qualify for jobs in the future. This article will enlighten you on the available positions and application guidelines for the SACAA internship.


The South African civil aviation association (SACAA) is a government agency affiliated with the Department of Transport. It was established in October 1998 due to the passing of the now-void South African civil aviation Act 1998.

By working with the Standard and Recommended Practices (SARPs) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), SACAA also acts as an authority that regulates, creates, enforces, and continually modifies security and safety laws in the civil aviation industry in South Africa. The agency is also in charge of accident and incident investigation and has the Minister of Transport as the officer responsible for the agency. 

Overview of SACAA internships

This internship provides insight into the aviation industry and unlocks a wealth of skills necessary to scale through the work world. Through this internship, you’ll easily become a suitable choice for several employment opportunities within the aviation industry. 

Furthermore, interns get to explore how SACAA functions through the help of several departments. For this cause, SACAA is calling for applications for positions in the following departments:

  • Office of the DCA
  • Internal audit
  • Aviation security 
  • Finance
  • Aviation infrastructure 
  • Aviation safety operations 
  • Corporate services
  • Company secretary service
  • Legal and aviation compliance

SACAA will consider applications from all graduates irrespective of race or age, but preference will be given to employment equity candidates according to the employment equity plan. Finally, Candidates must be unemployed graduates residing in South Africa.

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What are the responsibilities of SACAA interns? 

In addition to their unique departmental duties, interns get to carry out general administrative tasks as part of their training. Some of these tasks include; 

  • Managing necessary documents 
  • Collection of data for communication 
  • Preparation of documents for meetings and other unit assignments. 
  • Organize functions and meetings for the department
  • Publish and keep a record of important information for the department
  • Obtain information and document and send them to the right channels in your department
  • Create an appropriate filing system to retrieve documents when needed
  • Check and record documents for easy use
  • Participate in other ad-hoc duties

What makes you the right candidate for this internship? 

The right candidate for this role must meet the following requirements. 

  • Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Internal audit, Marketing, Finance, LLB, or Business administration
  • Grade 12

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Benefits of SACAA internships

  • Salary
  • Work experience 
  • Skills development 
  • Mentoring and coaching

Location: Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. 

How to apply for SACAA internships

  • Click on the SACAA career website
  • Use a valid email address to create a candidate profile.
  • Pick a suitable position
  • Submit your application with the necessary credentials. 
  • Prepare for an interview and security check. 

Frequently asked questions on the SACAA internships

What is the duration of this program? 

The SACAA internships will last for twelve months. 

How much is the SACAA internships salary? 

Interns will receive R7200 monthly, and this doesn’t cover accommodation and transport allowance.  

Overall, the ultimate benefit of this program is the opportunity to explore different fields and participate in growth-specific tasks that challenge you to build the capacity to gain permanent employment within the aviation sector or any other organization.


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