Expand your professional horizon with the AJC Food Sales Development Internship

AJC food sales development internship is available for individuals looking to start a career in the sales and marketing industry. In the search for a real job, internships have proven to be a vital tool needed to validate resumes, as most employers in today’s world of labor prefer candidates who have undergone internships to their counterparts who are not exposed to a real work setting. 

This is because internships help you put to practice the knowledge you’ve acquired in school. Like every other internship program, the AJC Food sales and development internship will help expand your experience and skills horizon in sales and marketing. For this reason, this program is most suitable for undergraduates studying for a degree in Business or Human Resources Management.


About AJC Food International

AJC foods is a company that deals majorly in the Procurement and distribution of a variety of frozen foods, which include seafood, beef, pork, poultry, fruits, and vegetables. Since the start of the business in 1972, AJC foods has maintained a good reputation for successful sales while satisfying customers in 140 countries across six continents of the world. With a track record of sales and marketing for 50 years, The company’s internship would be a step in the right direction for any individual with a strong interest in sales and marketing.

Overview Of AJC Food’s Sales Development Internship


An internship at AJC Food is a sure way to gain unmatched sales skills. In addition to amassing numerous skills, sales development interns at AJC Food are presented with the opportunity to be the company’s ambassador to the top African distributors. The interns’ duties include nurturing and spotting new relationships with existing clients. Through the guidance of professionals, they learn to identify prospective customers and how to make a great sales pitch that would increase the company’s customer base.

Interns get to make progress reports to the regional manager for Africa, who will, in turn, introduce them to various global sales functions.

Responsibilities of interns at AJC Food Sales Development Internship

  • Growing a relationship with the company’s clientele.
  • Reaching out to potential customers.
  • Making use of the internet to get the contact information of major importers in Africa
  • Other sales tasks

Eligibility requirements 

  • Currently enrolled for a degree in Human Resources Management
  • Great Organizing and planning skills
  • Ability to work with deadlines
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Must have a command of English
  • Should be computer literate and has an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Aspirants who can speak any other foreign African language will be preferred.
  • Prior international sales experience is a plus

What’s in it for you?

  • Direct Mentorship
  • Flexible work hours (Successful candidates will be able to combine their work and school schedules)
  • Fun and non-toxic working environment
  • Exposure to the sales and marketing Industry
  • Opportunity to work in a company that encourages Cultural diversity
  • Networking with top-shot clients

Location: Cape Town, South Africa


Duration of internship: Three months but the company may decide to extend it.

Job type: Part-time

Work Hours: Minimum of 20 hours a week


Application Date: Ongoing

How to apply

  • Put together a convincing resume
  • Highlight your relevant work experiences and skills
  • Register and apply on the company’s website

Finally, If you are wondering why you should be interested in this program, remember that successful completion of a sales and development internship program with a reputable company like AJC Food will give future employers zero room for doubt on the extent of your abilities as a sales developer.


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