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L’Oreal Research And Data Analysis Internship


L’Oreal Research And Data Analysis internship is a position that provides a proper job orientation for graduates pursuing a career as a research and data analyst. This program is for individuals who are future-oriented and want good employment prospects. Due to limited internship options, most employers face the problem of employees who lack the skills required to carry out their assigned tasks. However, as a way to fix this menace, L’Oreal has designed this internship that upskills graduates to become consumer Intelligence experts. A consumer intelligence expert at L’Oreal should study beauty trends and customer behavior toward products with the help of research and available data.

Additionally, the L’oreal research and data analysis internship opens your mind to new ways of generating comprehensive insights using data collected during market research. All these skills make you a credible candidate for future employment. So if you’re looking for a program to boost your employability, the L’Oreal research and data analysis internship is right for you.

About L’OREAL South Africa

L’Oreal has been a multinational manufacturer and distributor of quality and safe cosmetics for over a century. However, its South African branch was established in 1963. This branch of the company produces beauty brands that suit all African customers.

L’OREAL South Africa aims to provide beauty innovations that cater to every consumer’s diverse needs. In this regard, L’Oreal has over 29 brands affiliated with the company, including popular brands like Dark and Lovely and Saint Laurent. As a company rich in experience gathered from training over 1 million employees over the years, L’Oreal is the best host company for an internship program. 

Overview of L’Oreal Research and Data Analysis Internship

The L’OREAL research and data analysis internship analyzes customers’ behavior and product preferences. For this reason, interested candidates should have a flair for beauty products to enable them to conduct market and consumer research. 

Moreso, candidates who will be hired for The L’Oreal Research and Data Analysis internship must be able to execute research projects and draw pictorial conclusions that will influence business decisions. You will be assigned to work at L’OREAL SSA Woodmead, where you will directly answer the consumer Intelligence director. This program is most suitable for individuals who want to start off their dream careers in the beauty industry.

Duties of Interns at L’OREAL Research and Data Analysis Internship

  • Interns will provide professional analysis of potential clients, marketing channels, and products. They will also analyze businesses and behaviors.
  • Carry out research, and influence external partners to meet business goals.
  • Take advantage of customer and marketing analytics when making business decisions.
  • Achieve business objectives by exploiting both internal and external resources.
  • Give valuable input in making consumer journeys and market insights for SSA markets.
  • Provide concise insights by sourcing information through primary and secondary research. Use these insights to solve a specific problem.
  • Finally, interns will interpret social insight data that will be used for business presentations.

What qualifies you for L’Oreal Research and Data Analysis Internship?

You must meet the required criteria to be considered competent for this job.

  • Must have a degree in Business Studies, statistics, marketing, IT
  • Must be current with trends.
  • Ability to communicate and present well.
  • Excellent data analytics skills (must be able to tell a story with data).
  • Should be good at statistics.
  • The ability to use visualization tools like Power B1 will be a bonus.
  • Should have a flair for beauty products

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Benefits of L’Oreal Research and Data Analysis Internship

  • Competitive salary
  • Free beauty products
  • Flexible Working hours
  • One-on-one mentorship with professionals

Location: South Africa

How To Apply

  • Check out the Careers link on the company’s website, fill out the application form, and attach your updated CV. 
  • Prepare for a competency assessment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on L’OREAL Research and Data Analysis Internship


As a company, L’Oreal takes pride in a diverse and healthy work environment. Also, individuals from every race flourish at L’Oreal without any form of discrimination. The company is concerned about employees’ well-being. For this reason, L’Oreal ensures a healthy and productive work environment.


Candidates for L’Oreal Research and Data Analysis internship will sit for a series of interviews to test their abilities. Firstly, you get a phone interview from a recruitment team member, after which you’ll undergo a final interview to assess your verbal, numerical, and logical reasoning. Finally, candidates must know the content of their CVs, as they’ll be asked for details during the interview.


In conclusion, you have to work your way to becoming a credible customer intelligence expert. You can achieve this by taking advantage of the L’Oreal Research and Data Analysis internship. This program will also equip you with the experience you need to boost your chances of employment.


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