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Foschini Group Internship Guide


The Foschini Group Internship is a program looking for young graduates with a strong interest in the retail business for a one-year buying, marketing, and planning internship. Besides gaining the insight you require to reach new career heights, internship programs are necessary ways to give job seekers an orientation into any discipline of their choice. For this reason, The Foschini Group Internship provides a platform for unemployed young South Africans to experience intense entrepreneurial training that will benefit their portfolio.

About The Foschini Group

The Foschini Group was established in 1924. The company has 18 brands, some of which are Footwear, mobile phones, and clothing brands. Although its headquarters is in South Africa, The Foschini Group has over 4300 branches in 26 countries across five continents. In addition to this, the company has an online presence to enable better customer service.

Overview of the Foschini Group internship

Being a household name in the retail world, The Foschini Group is in an excellent position to offer training to individuals who care about retail. To this end, the company has several internship programs explicitly created for candidates who are passionate about marketing and have exceptional entrepreneurial skills. These programs differ to suit and accommodate various disciplines. They include:

Buying internship

The Foschini Group Internship for the buying department favors persistent individuals who can easily influence customers’ decisions. Also, buying interns at The Foschini Group get a 12-month contract to be a part of a leading business brand. For this reason, this internship favors individuals who have a great business mindset and desire to develop their skills.

Duties of buying interns at The Foschini Group

  • strong business mentality
  • Interest in retail
  • Provide great customer service
  • Meticulous and excellent organizational skills
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Influencer skills
  • Demonstrate Persistency
  • Ability to abide by rules and regulations
  • Team player


  • Should be between 18- 28 years of age
  • Free to work for 12 months
  • Must be a citizen of South Africa
  • National Diploma in Fashion Design, Business Management, BA Fashion, or any related course.
  • Should not have a Job

Clothing Production Internship

This program is designed for candidates who have experience in the area of clothing production. Interns will be equipped with the technical skills required for an easy career in the retail industry. In addition, the clothing Production internship at The Foschini Group will help you earn an income while getting recognized qualifications from a leading retail company.


  • N6 certificate / WIL placement letter from Tvet college in clothing production
  • Should be unemployed
  • Passion and optimism for retail
  • Customer-centric
  • Citizens of South Africa
  • Between 21- 26 years of age

Duration: 18 months

Marketing Internship

This internship aims to expose interns who have marketing knowledge to a solid retail environment. Candidates must be energetic, purposeful – driven, and creative. Coupled with this program’s valuable experience, market interns will work hand in hand with The Foschini Group as ambassadors to provide the best customer service.

Duties of Market Interns at The Foschini Group

  • Offer Amazing retail service
  • Assist customers; identify the best products
  • Research and monitor the latest fashion and decor trend
  • Understand the diverse range of products.


  • Must be between 18-28 years of age
  • Have a National Diploma or degree in marketing or any related field
  • South African citizen
  • Excellent verbal and oral skills
  • Must be unemployed and ready to work for a year

Duration: 12 months

Application date: Ongoing.

Benefits of The Foschini Group Internship

  • Real work experience
  • Recognized qualification
  • Training and exposure
  • Fun and productive work environment

Asked Questions on The Foschini Group Internships

What’s the internship hiring process like at Foschini Group?

Aspirants will go through a professional interview which will be thorough and fair. Candidates who excel in the first interview will sit for a second interview to assess their competence for their desired role.

How long do I have to wait to get a response after the application?

The waiting period depends on the type of internship candidates apply for. However, it takes about one or two months.


Interested individuals should visit the company’s website, create a candidate profile, Register, and prepare for an interview.


In summary, it is necessary to point out before concluding that the Foschini Group Internships will help finesse all the skills you need to launch a reputable career in retail and marketing. That said, investing in good internship program can do you a world of good. You can check out other exciting internship programs in South Africa from here.


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