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Hillebrand graduate internship


The Hillebrand graduate internship is a program designed to rightfully equip graduates with the dream of marking a spot for themselves in logistics.

This highly placed internship program is only searching for young South African graduates to open their eyes and minds to secrets for a successful and profitable logistics business. The qualified candidates will be those applying with the correct documentation, degree, and skills. While the successful candidates will immediately receive training, guidance, and mentorship while solving projects.

Say this opportunity resonates with you, keep reading to know about the company, internship criteria, and how to apply rightfully.

About Hillebrand Gori Group

Hillebrand Gori group is another branch of the DHL global forwarding company. It was established in 1969 as a private shipping and trucking company. Hillebrand oversees the logistics of alcoholic drinks like liquor, wine, spirits, and beer. Whether the delivery is a single bottle, bulk delivery, or whichever route leads to the final delivery destination does not matter. This company will get it there all in one piece.

Furthermore, Hillebrand professionally transports raw materials used in making these drinks and their packaging items too. This is how the company, over the years, has garnered public approval and trust for being reliable, safe, and dependable when it comes to alcoholic drink logistics.

Overview of the Hillebrand graduate internship

Hillebrand Gori seeks disciplined and focused graduates to join their Stellenbosch office. This part of the DHL forwarding company covers the entire South African logistics and deals with the shipment of alcoholic drinks and caters to about 250 employees.

The successful intern will manage the logistic function and provide input that will ensure the implementation of a successful logistic strategy. This will help to fulfill the organization’s requirements. More so, the intern will help to execute administrative duties and offer assistance to the team they are assigned to. They will work hand in glove with their team members in accordance with the company’s policies for excellent customer service.

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Internship requirements

  • Be ready to handle the logistic goals of the company thoroughly.
  • Possess the ability and capacity to work in a fast-paced organization.
  • You will deliver and work internationally with thousands of customers. 
  • Deal with pressing issues on the operational level.

What qualifies you for this program?

  • You must be a graduate of supply chain, transport, or logistics.


  • Graduate in auditing, internal auditing, commerce, or finance
  • Must have experience in team leadership, either small or medium-sized teams.

How to apply

  • Navigate to the company’s application website
  • Start your application process by inputting your details and take it up from there.
  • Get your CV ready because you will need it during your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the internship taking place?

The internship location is Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

What is the nature of the internship program?

The internship is a full-time program and offers a daytime shift only.

What is the company’s logistic goal?

They aspire to remove the stress of transporting alcoholic drinks from their companies by giving them seamless deliveries even at record times.


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