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DLK Graduate Internship Program


The DLK graduate internship program is for qualified South African graduate citizens or permanent residents. The DLK group has mapped out various internship programs for graduates burning for career growth and relevance. 

The desired applicants must prove they are dedicated and eager to put in the work and gain relevant experience. If this sounds like you, then go on to read about the DLK group below.

Overview of the DLK Group

DLK Group is a well-established company that provides its customers with IT services, Consulting, Enterprise Architecture, and Project Outsourcing. The company is an all-black-owned industry established in 1999 with roots in Cape Town, South Africa and a track record of service excellence.

DLK Group has and will always open its doors to other successful companies in both private and public sectors for collaborations that will boost technology in various means. Also, they take pride in maintaining a history of excellent deliveries in all their partnerships. 

The company has partnered with companies to provide solutions with Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and other programs to solve complex issues.

An internship at DLK Group will throw you into a world filled with career opportunities.

Overview of the DLK graduate internship

Experience is the bedrock for applying to this internship. However, the company seeks graduates who are dedicated and enthusiastic about working in a fast-paced company like DLK.

Excellent communication skills are a big deal for the company, and applicants must prove beyond doubt that they are excellent in this skill. Interns will work with customers and industry experts, 

During collaborations, they will be assigned duties, which will help them build more confidence needed to face their careers soon. 

Experiences required for the DLK group graduate internship

Graduate students willing to apply for this internship program must be qualified in the following fields

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Finance
  • Human Resources (HR)

What do you stand to benefit from the DLK graduate internship program?

  • Interns are entitled to monthly stipends
  • Other benefits may apply during the program

Internship duration

The DLK graduate internship program will last for 12 months (one year).

How to apply

The application process demands that you provide the following requirements:

  • Your CV
  • Means of identification
  • Proof of qualification

When you have the following documents, apply on the official website 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the location of the internship program?

The location of the DLK graduate internship program is at C27 Pinelands BP, 7405 Pinelands, South Africa.

Is the internship program part-time or full-time program?

The DLK graduate internship is neither hybrid nor part-time; it is a full-time program and will run for 12 months.

How much is the monthly stipend for the internship?

The amount is not disclosed. However, interns will find out about this information during the interview session or when they get accepted into the program.


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