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Junior Data Analyst Internship


Talent Kompass presents a skills discovery opportunity through a remote junior data analyst internship program. Candidates who want to apply must understand the rudiments of data analysis and be keen to put their knowledge to good use.

As you already know, the world of data management is growing daily, and many business organizations depend on expert data interpretation to make informed decisions. For this reason, you must learn the latest techniques in the field and improve your knowledge of data analytics to have an excellent career.

Now, you can’t achieve this level of growth save for a skills discovery program like this internship opportunity. You’ll need to be actively engaged in this program to stay abreast of the trends in data analytics. This article will enlighten you on the responsibilities and perks that come with being a junior data analyst intern at Talent Kompass.

About Talent Kompass

Talent Kompass is a recruitment agency founded in Germany. The company has a deep interest in helping others solve recruitment issues. After sourcing the best talents following their clients’ preferences, they assess these candidates to be sure they are the right fit for the job.

Additionally, Talent Kompass provides a ground to train and develop young professionals in preparation for excellence in their respective fields.

Overview of junior data analyst Internship

The junior data analyst internship is a platform for you to work with the analytics and consulting firm of Talent Kompass In South Africa. This is a remote internship; you’ll be in charge of data management and assist clients with valuable insight and trends from your reports. Interns for this role will receive coaching from technical experts in the industry. Therefore, this is an exciting offer you must take advantage of if you want to unlock new skills as a budding data professional.

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Job description of a junior data analyst intern

  • Gather and examine data necessary for projects
  • Help design data models and statistical analysis to understand trends and insight.
  • Work together with cross-functional teams to acquire and study data.
  • Utilize tools like Tableau and Power Bi to develop data visualizations and dashboards.
  • Submit results and information to the data consulting team to help with project reports.
  • Mastermind or suggest ideas for data-driven solutions.
  • Carry out other administrative duties.

What makes you eligible for the junior data analyst position?

  • Candidates who aspire to participate in the internship must meet the following requirements.
  • Skilled in Microsoft Excel and analysis tools
  • Must be able to communicate in English both in orally and in writing
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving ability
  • Should be a team player who can function unsupervised
  • Multitasking and organizational skills

What do you stand to gain from the junior data analyst internship?

Shortlisted candidates will gain a wealth of skills that will prove helpful in the data analytics field. Furthermore, they will have the perfect mentors to guide them through data principles and practices. Finally, interns will have a flexible work schedule for a work-life balance.

Location: Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa

Duration: 12 months

Application guideline

Put together a resume that highlights your experience in data analytics.

Submit together with your application through the company’s website

Frequently asked questions on the junior data analyst internship

What attributes do I need to be considered the right fit for this program?

Although this program is only open to individuals with experience in data analysis, due consideration will be given to candidates who are eager to learn and practice data analysis principles.

What are my primary responsibilities as a junior data analyst intern?

In addition to data analysis, you’ll be responsible for data cleaning and statistical analysis.

To conclude, this program will introduce you to the responsibilities of a junior data analyst intern. More so, you will gain valuable insight into the necessary tools for data analysis and practices for an easy career.


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