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BKB Admin Internship 2023


The BKB Admin internship aims to raise qualified graduates to support the administrative team at BKB South Africa. Also, this internship provides an extensive training system through general responsibilities and unique assignments, participants obtain special skills for career sustainability. 

Whether you are searching for work and study experience or personal development, the BKB Admin internship offers a productive environment to achieve your goal. Candidates will amass a wide range of professional skills to match future opportunities. 

About BKB South Africa

For over a century, BKB has maintained a stronghold on South Africa’s Agriculture, contributing to sustainable farming and agricultural innovation. According to South Africa’s standard practices, the company facilitates the production of mohair and wool. 

In addition to the popular fiber division, BKB covers grain storage, agricultural consumer goods, livestock and auctioneering. BKB South Africa also partners with investors to support agricultural businesses and enhance sustainability in the agricultural sector. 

Out of the 2095 employees at BKB South Africa, over 663 of them are under the employee training program hosted by the company. 

Overview of BKB Admin internship

Participants of the BKB Admin internship program will render their services at the Dundee Livestock Team. This experiential training is necessary to maintain a job in administration. 

As admin interns, they must be meticulous individuals with exceptional problem-solving skills who can multitask and work independently of their team members. This will contribute to the efficient management of challenges as they arise.

Aside from the financial compensation for their contribution to the administrative team, interns will enjoy exposure to diverse agricultural sectors through this program. Fortunately, recruitment for this position favors individuals from every class, age or group.

In other words, BKB will consider applications from all candidates who meet the minimum requirements for this role. Read on to discover how to submit your application and engage in this beneficial program.

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What are the responsibilities of a BKB admin intern? 

  • Manage administrative processes meticulously
  • Capturing and circulation of invoices and credit notes
  • Complete administrative duties
  • Organization of auctions
  • Settlement of auctions
  • Maintain documentation of client lists
  • Carryout receptionist functions

Eligibility criteria for the BKB Admin internship

To manage the functions of an admin intern, applicants must meet the following criteria; 


  • Must have a credible driver’s license
  • Enrolled for a National Diploma in Business Administration (N6 FET College) or equivalent
  • Should be able to communicate in English and Afrikaans


  • Solid Administrative skills
  • Effective time management and multitasking skills
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to overcome obstacles and create solutions
  • Outstanding management skills


  • Self-reliance
  • Adaptability 
  • Passionate and efficient
  • Develop and cultivate stakeholder relationship 

What are the benefits of the BKB admin internship

  • Internship salary: R 177,000 yearly
  • Work experience
  • Professional assistance
  • Skills development opportunities

Location: Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal. 

Application deadline: 2 October, 2023.

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How to apply

  • Click on this link to gain access to the official BKB career website
  • Get your application documents ready 
  • Download the application form and complete with the right information. 
  • Submit your application with the relevant documents 
  • Shortlisted candidates will receive an interview notification from the recruitment team. 

Frequently asked questions on BKB admin internship

What documents should accompany my application? 

First, candidates must attach a CV/resume that points out their academic qualifications and work history. They must also include a means of identification and relevant academic certificates. 

What is the duration of the BKB admin internship? 

This internship will last for 12 months (one year). 


In conclusion, this experience is for individuals seeking in-depth experience to support their diplomas. This internship also rewards participants with strong career skills to excel amongst competitors. 


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