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Impact.com Copywriting Internship 2023-2024


The Impact.com Copywriting Internship 2023-2024 provides a platform for growing writers to contribute to the Partnership Experience Academy (PXA). They will engage in content creation and decipher solutions for the writing needs of the academy.

Some of the content may be marketing materials, advertising, or course-related content to educate students at the academy. So, applicants must have previous writing experience and a relevant degree to back up their competence for this role. 

Through the Impact copywriting internship, writers will enjoy self-improvement and skills development opportunities among other benefits I will share in this article. 

About Impact.com

Impact.com, founded in 2008 deals with partnership automation. This means they encourage business growth through partnerships and also oversee online affiliates, content partnerships, and brand-to-brand management for innovative brands. 

Some of their clientele include companies like Microsoft, Uber, Ticketmaster, Airbnb, and Levi. The Impact.com partnership cloud handles the entire partnership process from onboarding, recruiting partners, marketing intelligence, and paying for ads.

This signifies their obvious obsession with transforming the business community. Impact.com has physical offices in Africa, Europe, the United States, and Asia. Their high work rate is courtesy of the 1000 employees contributing to the success of the brand. 

Overview of Impact.com Copywriting Internship

The Impact.com Copywriting Internship offers a hybrid role that allows interns to work from the office only twice a week. During this program, candidates with special needs will receive accommodation support from the company. 

A basic PXA Affiliate and Partnerships certification and a degree in English Literature, Creative Writing or other similar fields is necessary to qualify for this internship. Finally, interns should have knowledge of digital marketing and SEO for effective content writing.

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What are the responsibilities of an Impact.com Copywriting intern

  • Modify video storyboard and course-related content to be captivating, clear, and concise. Strictly abiding by PXA’s voice and corporate instructions and standards of learning design
  • Operate within the LMS (Learning Management System), intellum, and internal customer information tool to assist the PXA unit in filling out new weekly user reports and improve data quality 
  • Draft a compelling marketing copy for multiple platforms like social media and emails, that is particular to the theme
  • Edit written materials to eliminate errors and improve grammar, punctuation, and spelling 

What qualifies you for the Impact Copywriting Internship? 

  • Show prior work experience in editing and writing in blogging, creative writing, scripting, transcription, and web copywriting discounting your academic writing experience. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to create a clear, error-free, and interesting copy with a flexible writing style to suit various purposes and readers. 
  • Versatile skills in graphic design and other means of visual communication
  • Passionate about expanding writing skills, open to feedback and in constant pursuit of self-development opportunities 

What are the benefits of the Impact.com Copywriting Internship? 

  • Leave
  • Work experience
  • Internship salary
  • Casual work environment 
  • Flexible schedule
  • Fitness club compensation
  • Internet allowance
  • Medical aid and provident fund

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape

Duration: 3 months

Application status: Ongoing

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How to apply

  • Visit the Impact Careers website
  • Give the required information on the application form. 
  • Attach a portfolio that highlights your writing experience. 
  • Applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be invited for an interview. 

Frequently asked questions on the Impact.com Copywriting Internship

How long does the selection process at impact.com take? 

It takes at least three weeks to complete

Does Impact.com Copywriting Internship offer an equal opportunity experience? 

Yes. Irrespective of your status, age, group or ethnicity, all applicants and employees at Impact.com will receive equal treatment and opportunities. 


To conclude, through the Impact.com Copywriting Internship, young graduates will learn to manage content writing and editing projects across several platforms. 


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