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Accenture Song Graduate Program 2024


The Accenture Song graduate program is a training hub that cultivates entry-level professionals for career management. This is a chance for young talents to develop and expand their basic knowledge of analysis. 

To grow in this program, trainees must collaborate with a team of experts. This unit will cater to the development of strategies that enhance growth for clients and their businesses. 


More so, successful candidates at the Accenture Song graduate program will gain the motivation to discover new skills, develop strength, and build lasting values that can advance their careers.


However, only South African citizens with excellent marketing, design, and analytics skills are eligible for this experience. You can read on to discover the professional attributes you need to stand out from other applicants. 

About Accenture Plc

Accenture is a multinational consulting firm. They specialize in creating technology and management strategies to improve clients’ businesses. Other professional services they offer include analytics, mobility, and digital marketing. 

It has a wide presence, with operations running in 120 countries and also has 721000 employees supporting the firm’s commitment to clients through tactical functions. The large number of workers gives the firm solid recognition as a desirable employer and the largest consulting firm in the world. 

Overview of the Accenture Song Graduate Program 2024

The first year at the Accenture Song graduate program comes with continuous training sessions that promise limitless opportunities for career advancement. Here, your strength will be put to the test.


You will apply your intelligence to the development of sustainable business ideas. Afterward, you will communicate designs that focus on improving customer experience. 

Also, graduates will join forces with pioneers, data scientists, cultural anthropologists, and strategists to bring these ideas to life. Partaking in this program allows you to conceive ideas to satisfy human needs and foster business growth. Each trainee will have a people lead to influence their journey and foster career progression.

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What will you do at the Accenture Song graduate program? 

  • Identify opportunities: Shadow customers’ businesses and devise means to increase their profitability through information from surveys, seminars, and business data. 
  • Ascertain the needs of clients: Analyze and record clients’ demands. Work with clients to reach essential agreements and follow up in case of new responsibilities. 
  • Layout subsequent plans: Collaborate with clients to brainstorm ideas for plans and how to impact change with people, technology, and systems. 
  • Supervise clients: Decide the client’s next move and determine their effect on others. Suggest ways to assist leaders, customers, and employees in aligning with recent work methods.

What qualifies you for this program? 

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree with above 65% grade through your academic period. 
  • Good communication skill
  • Ability to create solutions

What do you stand to gain from the Accenture Song graduate program? 

  • Career progression
  • Competitive salary
  • Annual leave 
  • Employee discount 
  • Medical aid
  • Development opportunities 

Location: Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. 

Duration: Two years

Application status: Ongoing

How to apply 

  • Click on the company’s career website
  • Attach a copy of your resume, academic transcripts, and National ID to your application and submit. 
  • Prepare for multiple interviews

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Frequently asked questions on the Accenture graduate program

How long does the online application take to complete? 

Completing the application process on the company’s website takes ten minutes. 

What type of interview should I expect? 

Accenture’s recruitment team will conduct virtual and in-person interviews for eligible candidates. 

How much is the salary for the Accenture Song graduate program? 

Graduate analysts at Accenture South Africa will receive R305 465 per annum. 


In conclusion, this graduate program unlocks inherent values and supports trainees with unparalleled chances for career progression.



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