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Best 6 Health insurance for college students with no income


Health insurance for college students with no income is a great insurance plan for anyone still in school. Students on this plan will enjoy convenient healthcare throughout their academic journey and stay healthy on a budget.

Many young people claim that healthcare and medical checkups are only for older people, thus overlooking their health on purpose. Others would rather dismiss healthcare as an unnecessary interruption to their academic journey.

Students who don’t plan to obtain health insurance end up spending their tuition and savings when they need medical treatment. Little wonder there’s an increase in college dropouts due to medical conditions.

However, the possibility of this occurrence is avoidable if you can access health coverage early enough. Even if you are a student with no means of income, there’s hope for you. Through this article, you will be intimated on how to enjoy health coverage without spending a fortune.

What are the types of health insurance for college students with no income?

College students tend to encounter challenges that will likely deprive them of quality healthcare. One of these issues is the lack of income or savings to fund an insurance plan.

This discourages them from seeking medical attention when necessary. However, there are types of health insurance plans for college students with no income. Some of them include;

Parent’s health insurance plan

Staying on their parent’s insurance plan is highly advisable for students without income. Some parents already have health coverage from their employers; being a dependent gives you access to their entitled benefits.

However, there’s an age limit for this plan. Once you turn 26, you will be automatically cut off from this coverage.

School-sponsored health insurance 

Health insurance is mandatory for students in accredited institutions in the United States of America. To this end, most colleges make provisions for students who cannot access private insurance plans.

College-sponsored insurance provides comprehensive benefits in line with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


From our list, the short-term plan is one of the most easily accessible ones. You can get this online without stress. However, short-term insurance may not be the best option as it’s not ACA-compliant and provides fewer benefits.

Individual plan

You will find the individual plan a suitable option if you are not eligible for other medical plans. For instance, students who don’t have a parent’s insurance plan can enjoy full coverage and subsidized costs through this insurance. The individual plan is not only ACA-compliant but also covers more than the essential healthcare benefits.

Catastrophic health insurance

Students eligible for a hardship exemption can purchase a high-deductible health insurance policy, otherwise called a catastrophic health insurance plan. While this plan covers medical expenses up to your deductible amount, you will likely incur debt before the plan takes full effect.


Medicaid is government-sponsored health insurance for young adults with no income. Depending on the state you enroll in, this plan provides a wide range of benefits. Students must meet the eligibility criteria in their area to benefit from this option.

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What are the perks of health insurance for college students with no income?

We cannot overemphasize the importance of health insurance. Students are not left out of these benefits. Having health insurance will accord you certain privileges, including;

Medical coverage

A health policy covers the medical expenses you may incur as a student. The insurance will cover hospitalization expenses and the costs of treatments for any medical conditions.

Financial security

Opting for a student health plan helps you secure your finances. Even for low-income earners, it provides options that won’t affect your income. 

Preventive care

Early access to healthcare helps spot underlying conditions. It prevents further medical issues that may incur extra expenses.


A student’s health insurance provides aid in the case of an emergency. Should you encounter a sudden medical problem, the cost of healthcare will not be a cause for worry.

Improved academic result

The Health condition of a student ultimately affects their performance in school. In pursuit of education, students face challenges that may affect their well-being. A proper health policy contributes to building focus and ensuring academic excellence.

Mental health support

The rigors student face in their pursuit of education can affect their mental health. However, students under an insurance plan will garner the necessary support through the mental health services on this policy.

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To wrap up, as human beings, we can never predict tomorrow. Medical conditions may affect your academic journey if you don’t have the financial resources to afford healthcare. This article explores several ways for students with no income to get health insurance. 


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