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Do you intend to further your education abroad?

Your health, lodging, and travel are covered by Aon student insurance. It is the greatest insurance for students and is quick and simple.

Globally, the number of international students is rapidly increasing. Before going abroad to study or do an internship, these students must arrange a lot of things, including a reliable insurance plan with comprehensive medical coverage. anything that individuals can depend on if they get sick or have an accident.

Aon can provide academic institutions with a single contract that covers all arriving and outgoing students. Access to the website www.aonstudentinsurance.com requires a special user ID and password that are provided to each educational institution.

An educational institution may digitally register and administer the collective contract. Additionally, you’ll always have a clear understanding of the insurance policies that are in effect. Using this wonderful online system to manage all of your international student insurance will save time for your institution. It is quite easy to use.

Several reasons to select Aon Student Insurance

  • Our student insurance has already been selected by more than 150000 students.
  • In the field of student insurance, Aon has more than 25 years of experience.
  • In many countries, you can apply for a visa using your insurance certificate.
  • Helpline for 24-hour emergency support.

International Students Insurance

ISI has been a trustworthy leader in the supply of health and travel insurance to students, researchers, families, and foreign tourists for more than 20 years. ISI provides a range of insurance options to meet school and national needs for students with F (including OPT), M, or J visas as well as overseas students. We stand out from the competition because of our commitment to offering outstanding customer care and support, which ensures that our clients always have access to the information they need to make intelligent decisions.

International and study abroad students can purchase international student health insurance through the Student Secure plan if they are enrolled in classes away from their home country. Thanks to the four levels of coverage offered: Smart, Budget, Select, and Elite, there is a plan to suit every requirement and financial circumstance.

Students with J1 and F1 visas (including those on OPT) are ineligible for coverage unless they specifically request it. It provides coverage that will meet many school and government requirements on a daily or monthly basis (with a monthly payment option).

The benefit of Travel Insurance

For students on the J1 and F1 visas (even those on OPT), you are automatically eligible for coverage. It offers coverage on a daily or monthly basis (with a monthly payment option) that will satisfy many school and government criteria.

Students Health

Travel Medical

For international travelers around the world, travel medical plans offer instant coverage up to $5 million for trips from 5 days to a year outside of your home country. With your choice of deductibles and plan levels, travel medical insurance is very flexible to meet the needs of travelers and students.

The Atlas Travel Medical Insurance plan provides coverage for those who are traveling, studying, volunteering, or living abroad around the world, outside of their home country. It offers core travel insurance benefits, with coverage from as little as 5 days. The plan is designed for anyone, as long as they are outside their home country, but especially for:

  • Students needing travel insurance coverage,
  • Dependents who are not covered by their spouse’s or parent’s plan,
  • International volunteers or those doing service work trips abroad,
  • or anyone looking for an affordable travel medical insurance plan.

The Atlas Travel Medical Insurance plan offers a number of premium travel insurance advantages that are created to protect you in the case of an unanticipated accident or injury while traveling. This covers things like medical costs, evacuation, repatriation, unexpected reunions, and other advantages.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Up to $2 Million in Coverage
  • Hospitalization/ Doctors Visits
  • Prescription Medication
  • Evacuation/ Repatriation
  • Skiing / Snowboarding Included
  • Lost Luggage
  • Trip Interruption
  • Online Instant Application
  • Plan Management Online
  • and much more…

Student Travel Insurance Benefits


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