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Foreign national mortgage loan


The idea of a foreign national mortgage loan is one you must consider if you want to acquire property in another country. Through this scheme, many non-citizens have been able to conquer the real estate world in other countries.

Even the common man now agrees that global home ownership is indeed possible, albeit challenging. For example, non-citizens in the U.S. have been able to realize their American dream of being owners of houses and vacation homes.

Others have delved into the real estate business with many properties to their name. Whatever you choose, this success story can be yours if you take full advantage of this particular loan.

Extensive knowledge in this area will help you navigate this process without stress, whether it is to find the financiers with the best interest rates or check your legal status. You will need a heads-up on the accessible options to ease your investment.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on taking a mortgage loan as a foreigner. First things first, let’s find out what this scheme is about.

What is a foreign national mortgage loan?

A foreign national mortgage loan is a special loan for non-citizens willing to purchase property in another country. This non-qualifying mortgage loan was created to help individuals finance an investment property where they are not permanent residents or citizens.

Courtesy of this arrangement, citizens from other nations now have the opportunity to invest abroad. Still, not everyone can afford this privilege.

Like other loan programs, borrowers must undergo thorough screening to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria before achieving this dream.

What are the requirements for a foreign national mortgage loan? 

Ideally, foreign national mortgage loan applicants are expected to meet certain conditions to prove their eligibility. During the screening process, banks or financial institutions will require the following before signing a contract: 

Down payments: Foreign nationals should be able to afford to make 30% of the property’s cost as a down payment.

Proof of legal status: You must present your visa or national identification number as evidence of your legal status.

Verifiable income:  Applicants will provide a verifiable means of income. A letter bearing your company’s letterhead and employer’s contact details will suffice for this.

U.S.-based bank account: Borrowers must have a U.S.-based bank account for a successful payment process.

Strong credit history: Bank reference letters from your home country are required to check your credit history. U.S. credit is not compulsory but can be accepted.

Extra documentation: Several documents such as visa information, letter of reference from your home country bank, and passport copies will be required for documentation.

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What are the benefits of a foreign national mortgage loan?

Here’s what you stand to gain by pursuing a mortgage loan in a different country:

Freedom to own a property anywhere you want

You can invest in real estate

Foreigners will enjoy tax benefits on investments

There’s a provision by law for property protection

You can work with mortgage companies to make purchases or investments.

Foreign nationals can build equity on their investment property

What challenges should you expect as a foreign national?

Getting funding for your investment property is highly profitable but not exactly a walk in the park. Let’s explore some difficulties you may come across.

Higher interest rate: Foreign borrowers should expect at least a 1.% increase in interest rate.

Higher down payment: A down payment for a property will be 25-50% more expensive than that of non-citizens

Exchange rates: Mortgage costs tend to increase more with fluctuations in exchange rates

Time-consuming: The vetting process may take longer than usual. You must build a relationship with your banker and legal advisor to save time. Also, prepare relevant documents beforehand.

Application process for a mortgage loan

Consultation: This is the first meeting with mortgage experts from your financial institutions. They will guide you through the loan process.

Loan application: In this step, an official application is needed. This could either be done in person or online.

Documentation: Candidates will be required to provide supporting documents for their application. This may include a visa, bank statement, passport copies, and proof of income.

Appraisal: Next is an inspection of your current residence and property of interest to know its value. The outcome of the appraisal will decide the loan you will get.

Approval: Your loan will be approved after screening

Final signing: After reviewing the loan documents, borrowers must sign before a notary.

Loan funding: Mortgage loans will be issued as soon as the entire process is complete.


To conclude, a foreign national mortgage loan provides an excellent opportunity to fund your investment dreams as a citizen of another country. However, being a foreigner is not the only requirement for this loan. This article is your guide to a seamless and successful application process.


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