IBM Research Scientist Internship Program: About, Criteria, Benefits

Suppose you are looking for an internship in a cutting-edge research institution; the IBM Research Scientist Internship Program in South Africa is where you should be. The program will give you a unique experience and the chance to gain valuable insights into the real world of research and development in the IT industry. Interns will experience what it’s like working alongside experienced researchers and developers in the IBM Research Lab. Also, they will gain an understanding of the cutting-edge technologies driving the digital transformation of the business world.

This program will provide an invaluable opportunity for students to explore the potential of their career paths in the tech industry and a chance to apply their skills while gaining valuable experience in a world-renowned lab environment.


About IBM

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a multinational tech company established on June 16, 1911. It has its base in Armonk, New York, in the United States of America, and serves about 175 countries where South Africa is inclusive. IBM Corporation has been a leader in the technology and innovation space in South Africa for over 50 years. It has significantly contributed to the country’s economy’s growth, IT infrastructure development, and citizens.


This company has helped to build a competitive, resilient, and sustainable economy in South Africa since it moved into the country. IBM has helped to develop and implement leading-edge IT solutions in South Africa, such as the IBM mainframe, which allowed the country to manage its data more efficiently and securely.

Finally, the giant tech corporation has also been a major proponent of job creation, providing internship programs and employment opportunities to thousands of South Africans.

An overview of the IBM research scientist

The research scientists at IBM are setting the pace for future scientists to join hands in creating an outstanding breakthrough in the tech industry. Interns will become a part of a team dedicated to using science to solve complex issues that drives solutions to different areas of human lives and activities.

Interns roles at IBM

The IBM research arm is looking for enthusiastic research scientist interns eager to learn advanced classical machines, geospatial data analytics, and large-scale longitudinal environmental modeling.


More so, the interns will conduct world-class standard research with innovative technologies to find solutions for throbbing situations. The result of this research will be published in respected journals and discussed at top-tier conferences. The internship program only wants interns willing to work in South Africa, in Johannesburg precisely, and demonstrate an interest in solving AI problems and committed to interdisciplinary collaboration.

IBM research scientist internship requirement

Candidate must be pursuing an MSc or Ph.D. in Machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer science, applied mathematics, signal processing, statistics, or any related technical discipline in-depth in advanced mathematics, statistics, and programming.

  • Must possess good communication skills with a good command of the English language
  • Be familiar with open-source programming software such as Python & R and coding tools like GiftHub, and Juoyter Lab.
  • Be familiar with one or more machine/deep learning frameworks, like Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, and TensorFlow.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of spatial and time-series data and methods for processing such data is an asset.
  • Have theoretical knowledge of machine learning/deep learning algorithms and hands-on experience.
  • Having parallel computing experience will be an advantage.

Benefits of IBM research scientist internship

Access to cutting-edge technologies


As an intern with IBM Research, you will have access to the latest technologies and tools used by the industry’s top researchers and gain hands-on experience with the technology shaping the industry’s future.

Interaction with world-class experts

Interns will have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from some of the world’s experts in the field. This will give you an invaluable advantage as you progress in your career.

Opportunity to work on innovative projects

More so, interns at IBM will work on creative projects that could allow them to gain experience and make a difference.

Networking Opportunities

You will be able to network with other researchers and professionals in the field. This will give you new opportunities and help you build your professional network.

How to apply for the IBM research scientist internship program

  • Apply on the company’s website
  • Fill out the application form correctly
  • Write an impressive cover letter
  • Submit a well-crafted CV
  • Prepare for the interview


A world of career possibilities and breakthroughs is possible through high-flying internship programs like the IBM research scientist internship. Therefore, take advantage of the numerous internship opportunities available to you here.


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