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AFGRI Trainee Program 2023


The AFGRI trainee program is a formal vocational training opportunity necessary for the acquisition and development of critical milling skills. The Grain Milling Federation (GMF) being a major asset to this program sponsors the academic coaching of AGFRI miller trainees. 

In addition, AFGRI’s league of experts partners with the GMF for professional mentoring and drilling of passionate trainees for excellent achievements. This position is especially inviting BBBEE candidates who hope to gain on-the-job training through their positions at the Mill.

Trainee millers will handle key performance areas to ensure the optimization of milling processes and equipment. Consequently, candidates who exhibit the talent and qualifications for impact in the agricultural sector can participate in the AFGRI trainee program. 

To enjoy the benefits of this training, prospective candidates can read on to understand the qualification requirements. 

About AFGRI Milling

AFGRI was established in South Africa in 2001. As a global agricultural service company with a comprehensive understanding of agriculture, AFGRI shoulders food security in Africa.

They develop Agri-service solutions including innovative machinery for successful food processing, contributing to the advancement of the food sector. AFGRI has over one hundred employees providing financial and storage assistance to new-era farmers.

Overview of the AFGRI Trainee Program

This training will be held at Clocolan hence AFGRI’s specific request for only applicants who already live within the city. Applicants must agree to excel at all preliminary courses offered during the AFGRI trainee program.

Shortlisted candidates must enter an agreement before the commencement of training. The essence of this contract is to allow trainees to strive for a permanent position at the Mill. To clinch a more stable position, trainees must prove themselves worthy by flawlessly discharging their duties.

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What are the responsibilities of an AFGRI trainee miller? 

  • Contribute to the enhancement and visual display of milling equipment. 
  • Oversee the execution and backup plans to increase the effectiveness of all milling equipment. 
  • Support the reduction of idle time at the Mill
  • Help with the curtailment of product rejection, spillage, and waste. 
  • Uphold AFGRI’s optimum production and performance principles
  • Further the optimized management of all milling machinery. 

What are the eligibility criteria for this program

Candidate must meet the following requirements; 

  • Grade 12 with Mathematics or at least a C grade in Mathematics Literature 
  • Must be physically agile enough to climb staircases and carry out tasks from high heights
  • Can adapt to overtime and work shifts
  • Expertise in computer applications especially Microsoft Office 
  • High focus capacity and ability to deliver excellently under pressure
  • Exceptional communication abilities
  • Must reside within Clocolan or be willing to relocate upon appointment. 

Benefits of the AFGRI trainee program

  • Stipends
  • Work experience 
  • Practical knowledge
  • Professional connections

Location: Clocolan, South Africa. 

Duration: Thirty-six months (3 years)

Application deadline: 22 September, 2023.

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How to Apply

  • Click on the AFGRI career website to apply for this role
  • Fill out the application on the website with the relevant information. 
  • Be ready to complete an online screening 
  • Be aware that AFRGI recruitment follows the Employment Equity standard. 

Finally, applicants who do not receive feedback from the recruitment team at least 30 days after the submission deadline should regard their application as unsuccessful. 

Frequently asked questions on the AFGRI trainee program

What is the age requirement for the AFGRI trainee program? 

Applicants must be between 18 and 22 years of age.

How long does it take to complete the online application process? 

The application takes at least 30 minutes to complete. 


In conclusion, AFGRI recognizes the effect formal training has on the management of equipment and general employee performance. This program is designed to equip trainees with the skills and knowledge for efficient delivery of duties. 


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