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The Foschini Group Internships


The Foschini group internships consist of invaluable training opportunities every South African aspiring professional must experience. Applicants for these internships must be ready to participate and learn from strategic training programs organized to develop their professional competence. 

This experience guarantees international connections with experts from different educational backgrounds. Through this program, graduates who are teachable will understand growth dynamics for career success. 

According to the Employment Equity Act in South Africa, the recruitment process will favor applicants from designated groups. However, other graduates who meet the requirements for any of the Foschini group internships can apply to gain work experience and advance their careers. 

About The Foschini Group

The Foschini group is a major fashion retail brand established in South Africa in 1924. Their global footprints cover 4600 stores on five continents. The company has a good number of partner brands in Africa, UK, and Australia.

TFG, as it is called in short, also has investments that support local production of fashion wear in South Africa. TFG has 29000 employees and they generate a revenue of R34.1 billion annually. 

With over a century’s experience, TFG understands their business is people-driven, hence the diverse training opportunities to build up talents to match the company’s vision. 

Overview of The Foschini Group Internship 

The Foschini Group Internships is seeking interns to support the marketing and HR department. You can read on to discover the responsibilities that come with each role. 

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Marketing intern

Marketing interns will observe experts and develop unique strategies to boost sales and generate profits for the company. In addition, they will engage in the supervision of research operations and observe the market trends as part of their responsibilities. 

To this end, the right fit for this role must be an individual who can work independently adapt quickly to the marketing team. 

Who is the ideal candidate for the Foschini Group Internship? 

  • A degree or diploma in Marketing, Communications, and other similar fields. 
  • A zeal for creativity and a unique mindset. 
  • Ability to learn, adjust, and flourish in a fast-paced environment 
  • Tech savvy and knowledgeable about the latest digital trends

HR intern

For the Foschini group HR internship, successful candidates will support the TFG HR shared services department. This is a challenging internship. Therefore,

  • Applicants must be unemployed and able to handle large volumes of data. 
  • This position provides a broader view of human resources management. Interns will support administrative tasks and experience creative management strategies from the HR team. 
  • Applicants for this role must have HR qualifications and must be between 18 to 28 years old. 

Other requirements include

  • Valid HR certification- Degree or National diploma
  • An eye for detail
  • Teamwork spirit 
  • Multi-tasking ability
  • Experience with customer service 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft skills. 
  • Excellent relational and communication skills

What are the perks of the Foschini Group Internships? 

  • TFG internship salary: ZAR 10k monthly
  • In-house medical aid
  • Employees discount
  • Counselling support

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Duration: 12 months

Application status: Ongoing

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How to apply for The Foschini Group Internships

  • Visit the company’s website and register a candidate profile. 
  • Explain why you are the right candidate for this internship in your application. Also, point out your significant achievements (academic and work-related). 
  • Submit your application and wait for further instructions. 

Frequently asked questions on The Foschini Group Internship

How long does the hiring process for The Foschini Group Internships take? 

From the online application till the time you receive an official offer. It takes at least two weeks to complete. 

Can I send my resume through email? 

Because an online assessment is a relevant part of the application process, TFG only accepts applications through the company’s website. 


In general, the Foschini group internships offer graduates the opportunity to grow in a fast-paced environment. Interns will also get to manage meaningful projects that are designed to sustain their career interests. 


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