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PPECB Graduate Internship


PPECB graduate internship is a career support initiative for South African graduates seeking the necessary experience to thrive in their profession. For this program, this organization is accepting applications specifically for the laboratory technician position.

The ideal candidate for this role must possess the relevant knowledge and qualifications to manage and apply necessary laboratory standards and procedures. While investing in the organization’s stability, participants at the PPECB graduate internship will receive mentorship from experts who will ensure they gain valuable workplace experience, exposure, and a plethora of professional skills in a productive environment.

If you want to be part of this enabling experience, you can read on to learn the requirements for this program. 

About PPECB South Africa 

The Perishable Products Exports Control Board (PPECB) is a major service provider in South Africa’s perishable goods market. In line with the Perishable products export control (PPEC) Act, No, 9 of 1983, PPECB offers cold chain management and quality certification for importers and exporters of perishable food products. 

Since 1926, their services have been able to authenticate South Africa’s export certificate and establish competition among export industries. Overall, PPECB is a public entity that discharges food safety services and general inspection of perishable foods. 

Overview of PPECB graduate internship

PPECB graduate internship welcomes passionate and ethical individuals whose experience can positively influence the organization’s growth. Interns will encounter countless opportunities for development and training during this program. 

In addition to this, the company assists employees with a conducive learning environment and streams of professionals to aid their training. During this program, interns will report to the department professional and support the implementation of laboratory standards.

This role’s challenging nature requires independent individuals who can work under pressure. Through these challenges, interns develop attributes that distinguish them from other job seekers in South Africa.

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What are the responsibilities of a PPECB laboratory technician intern? 

  • Document essential control samples
  • Make sure to complete prescribed analytical standards and other administrative tasks on time.
  • Maintenance and verification of equipment in the preliminary stage in the diary Laboratory. 
  • Ensure that the laboratory’s environment and records are in order. 
  • Communicate and send reports to internal stakeholders
  • Reduce Financial risks
  • Register samples on LIMS
  • Assist senior laboratory analyst
  • Apply quality management system – ISO 17025

What are the minimum requirements for a PPECB graduate internship? 

Before sending an application, here’s a list of requirements you must meet before you’re eligible for this program. 

Experience/knowledge requirements 

  • Must possess a National Diploma or Degree in Food Technology/Analytical Chemistry or other similar fields. 
  • Practical experience and understanding of laboratory procedures. For instance, knowledge of methods of chemical and solutions preparations
  • Application of general operating practices and test methods. 
  • Laboratory health and safety precautions 
  • Internal authentication of equipment in the laboratory 
  • Inspect the quality and suitability of chemicals. 

Professional requirements 

  • Proficiency in report writing and data capturing
  • Fundamentals of housekeeping 
  • Advanced interpersonal skills
  • An eye for detail
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of computers, including Excel and Ms word
  • Sound technical and record-keeping skills
  • Ability to deliver under pressure

What are the benefits of a PPECB graduate internship? 

  • Internship salary
  • Work experience
  • Soft and technical skills
  • Professional development 
  • Employees wellness program, 

Application deadline: August 21, 2023.

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How to apply

Frequently asked questions on PPECB graduate internship

What is the duration of this internship? 

PPECB graduate internship is a one-year program. 

What is the location of this internship? 

The program will take place at Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa. 


Above all, the PPECB graduate internship program is most beneficial to laboratory technicians intentional about exploring practical techniques essential for career growth. 


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