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Wabtec Mechatronic Engineering Intern 2024


The mechatronic engineering intern program is an experience that redefines your work perspective and acquaints you with your career choice. At Wabtec, employees are free to showcase their talent and unique opinions.

Working with professionals who value every idea you bring to the table will surely boost your confidence in this program. Furthermore, the work culture at this company values diversity and strives to employ talents from different backgrounds.


For young professionals, an internship program at this company will introduce you to other bright minds from whom you can learn. Internships in the USA unlock several career opportunities for students and entry-level professionals.


To partake of these benefits, interns must bring their uniqueness and curiosity. Here is a little information about the Wabtec Corporation.

About Wabtec Corporation

Wabtec Corporation is a global provider of equipment, digital solutions, systems, and value-added services for the freight and transit rail sectors. They have over 150 years of experience with a stable customer base.

The company has an excellent operation regarding innovation, efficiency, productivity, and safety. So, it’s no surprise that they are an industry trailblazer.

Moreover, Wabtec claims their team of unique talents is a significant asset. They constantly strive to equip all their employees in over 50 countries with the help of an effective leadership team.


Overview of Wabtec Mechatronic Engineering Internship

For this position, Wabtec will assess the professional skills of applicants to determine who fits this role. Successful candidates can join on their mission to satisfy customers around the globe.

Also, mechatronic engineering interns will be assigned to the Bach-Simpson division and core electronics group. The BTE product manager on this team will monitor their progress and study their daily reports.

Once in a while, interns may get special assignments to assist the team. However, there are training sessions to prepare them to take on these tasks.


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What are the daily responsibilities of a Wabtec Mechatronic Engineering Intern?

  • Develop, troubleshoot, and maintain mechatronic systems
  • Carryout all types of technical work
  • Analyze technical work and contract requirements
  • Use a systematic approach to create processes/documents to identify electro-mechanical components for automated test equipment.
  • Decide instrumentation and electrical requirements for new projects
  • Program systems in different PLC languages
  • Suggest technical direction for applying new equipment, updating existing equipment, and supporting existing systems.
  • Make sure engineering aspects of the system are sound and that designs fit all connected design specifications.

Ideal Wabtec Mechatronic Engineering Intern

To qualify, you must possess these qualities:

  • Enrolled in a science or engineering degree program
  • Familiar with pneumatic systems (valves, cylinders, fittings, solenoids, etc.)
  • Essential experience with PCB design and troubleshooting
  • Understanding of mechanical systems design, programming, and electrical systems design.
  • Has exceptional two-way communication skills, both verbal and written forms.
  • Can effectively relate with service providers, colleagues, vendors, and internal stakeholders.

Benefits of the Wabtec Mechatronic Engineering Intern Program

  • Flexible work environment
  • Continuous learning opportunities
  • Medical benefits
  • Hands-on project experiences
  • Salary: $25 per hour

Location: London, ON.

Duration: 12 months.

Application status: Ongoing.

How to Apply

  • Click on this link to apply
  • Attach the relevant documents and give the correct information on your application.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wabtec Mechatronic Engineering Intern

Can a foreigner apply for this program?

Only candidates with legal authorization to work in Canada will be considered for this job.

Are there any physical demands for the Wabtec Mechatronic Engineering Intern program?

 Yes, this role may have you sitting for a long time, so you must wear comfortable shoes and abide by company safety measures.


Ultimately, the main aim of this internship is to provide adequate training and equip students to handle future engineering jobs and become experts in the field.



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