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Louis Dreyfus Graduate Program


Louis Dreyfus graduate program is an organized rotational training that prepares you to run a global operation. This training equips you with a wealth of knowledge and insight to enable you to launch your career. For this program, trainees must have a maximum of three years of experience in a commercial setting. Then they can get the chance to fully experience all other aspects of global operations. 

 Moreover, this program is an opportunity for young talents to work with a multinational agribusiness. Experience in this industry will broaden your perspectives and help you embark on a unique career journey. 


If you want to discover new skills and build valuable experience in the commercial industry, this program is definitely for you. 

About Louis Dreyfus Company


Louis Dreyfus Company is a global French-owned agribusiness that deals with food processing, agriculture, and finance. It was established in 1851 by Leopold Louis Dreyfus. LDC is present in over 100 countries. It is the most popular cotton and rice merchant in the world’s market. They also trade juice, oilseed, sugar, grain, metal, and dairy.

The company has a workforce of 22,000 people and leads agricultural commodity trading worldwide. LDC also engages in real estate management. The company’s vast experience speaks a lot about the quality of its graduate training programs. 

Overview of the Louis Dreyfus Graduate Program

Trainees will receive rotational training in all areas of global operations. They will complete this experience in two phases. 

For the first phase, they will gather skills and gain business experience. There will be individual designated units to provide in-depth exposure to execution, marketing, researching, and trading. Additionally, some trainees will conduct philanthropic projects for the Louis Drey Foundation. This assignment may include field trips and research. The entire process for this phase will last for 18 months. 


The second phase involves settling into the main job. For all successful trainees, there is a possibility of a permanent role in the company. 

Asides this developmental training, you will also carry out general business tasks as directed by your supervisor.

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Eligibility criteria for the Louis Dreyfus graduate program 

  • Individuals must have International exposure 
  • Exhibit leadership skills and zeal for competitions
  • Must be innovative and teachable
  • Excellent entrepreneurial skills
  • Should be a strategic thinker
  • Must be professional and able to fit into different cultures
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Must have an excellent command of the English language. 
  • Can carry out analysis of supply, demand, and trade flow. 

Educational requirements

Must have a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in any of these fields. 

  • Economics and/or Business 
  • Agronomy
  • Agricultural Economics 
  • Accounting and Finance

Benefits of the Louis Dreyfus Graduate Program

  • Stipends
  • Professional training
  • Skills development
  • Experience 

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

Duration: 18 months. 

Application deadline: 5th October 2023.

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How to apply for Louis Dreyfus Graduate Program

  • Visit the company website
  • Complete your online application form
  • If you meet the requirements, you will receive an invitation for an interview. 

Frequently asked questions on Louis Dreyfus Graduate Program

Do I need to upload any documents with my application form? 

Yes. For a successful application, you must attach your resume and a letter of motivation stating clearly how you are suitable for the role.  Also, include your contact details to help the recruitment agent communicate with you. 

What type of trainee is Louis Dreyfus graduate program after? 

The company will prefer to hire forward-thinking individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

What type of interview should I expect? 

Shortlisted candidates will receive an invitation for a physical interview. 

In conclusion, a graduate program at LDC is a chance to experience a platform that enables career growth and professional development. Through the rotational experience, you get creative and innovative strategies from several units. 



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