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Datafin Social Media Internship


The Datafin social media internship is a preparatory period for individuals who want to become professional social media managers. Social media management has recently become a lucrative skill; this is evident in top social media influencers in Africa who make a living through it through consistent practice. However, social media management goes beyond handling accounts online. To succeed as a social media manager, you must understand how all social media platforms work and develop ideas to boost the brand’s revenue through them.

To this end, an internship on social media is necessary to build up this profitable skill. At the Datafin internship, you’ll work for the company’s client, handling social media accounts and creating creative content that will bring maximum engagement online.

About Datafin South Africa

Datafin is a leading tech recruitment company in South Africa. It was founded in 1999 by two sisters, Lindy Levinthal, and Beverly Sollinger. Since its emergence, Datafin has found ways to fuse the tech needs of businesses with the necessities of digital and IT specialists.

Also, they render recruitment services to top technology-driven companies, helping them discover employees with the right skills.

In addition, in 2015, the company included other arms like marketing, finance, legal, and Hr in their services. Its mission to connect the right companies to suitable employees proves they are the right platform for your internship.

Overview of Datafin social media internship

Datafin social media internship is looking for candidates who will spend quality time on social media. Please think of this job as real employment. The company will direct you to the best employers who will make you their social media manager, thereby giving you the feel and responsibilities a real job allows. 

However, to succeed in this program, interns must collaborate with Datafin’s social media manager to guide them through administrative work, social media advertisement, and community management. Also, you should have an eye for details and aesthetics, as your employers will depend on your posts and captions to increase their audience.

Duties of intern

  • Assist with content creation, including uploading pictures, short videos, and captions for social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter.
  • Help out with daily administrative tasks.
  • Professionally reply to comments, tackle queries, and interact with the company’s followers online.
  • File queries at the customs service and other important departments
  • Keep up with social media trends and support the team in creating monthly reports

What qualifies you for Datafin social media internship?

  • Certification in media, marketing, and other related fields
  • Must thoroughly comprehend social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok) and their features.
  • Must have prior knowledge of handling social media accounts
  • Eager to work overtime replying to comments online
  • Acquaintance with social advertising tools. Also, your ability to use videography and photography editing tools is a bonus.

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Benefits of Datafin social media internship

  • Salary
  • On-the-job training
  • Flexible work schedule

Location: Capetown, South Africa.

Duration: Six months

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How to apply 

  • Register and apply to the company through this link.
  • Attach your CV to your application 
  • Prepare for screening.

Frequently asked questions on Datafin social media internship

What’s the recruitment process for a Datafin internship like?

The recruitment process is usually a seamless one. After submitting your application, you will undergo screening to test your abilities. Successful applicants will be sent to their employers, who may request interviews.

How much is the salary for this program?

There is no fixed amount for Datafin interns. However, you can rest assured the company will help you negotiate a good amount with your employers.


Simply put, through the Datafin internship for social media manager, you will learn how to build a solid online presence by engaging your audience with creative posts. The company prepares you to make a profitable career through this skill.


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