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Paid Internships for Bachelor’s Degree in Various Programs 2023


Do you know about paid internships for bachelor’s degree candidates? The United Nations (UN) has recently been under fire for its unjust internship policy addressing the ongoing employment of millions of unpaid interns in its many organizations. Since this has been settled in your favor, why not sign up as an intern right away and get paid in the process?

Paid Internships for Bachelor's Degree in Various Programs

It is required of prospective interns to adhere to a set of rules in order to work full-time. Many professionals and students have been deterred by this policy’s implementation because they will have to work for no pay.

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What is Internship?

An internship is a position that employers provide to potential employees, often known as interns, to work at a company for a specific amount of time. Most internships last between one month and three months, and these interns are often undergraduates or students.

When offered during a university semester or during the holidays, internships are often offered as part-time positions rather than full-time positions. For instance, internships throughout the summer typically last eight weeks.

Some internships may include time spent working in many offices, traveling abroad, or being seconded.

In exchange for the employer making money off of your labor, an internship should provide you with practical skills, comprehension, and increased knowledge of a certain field.

Why Is an Internship Required for a Bachelor’s Student?

University graduates are seeking additional education to offer them an advantage when applying to graduate programs or careers.

Adding extracurricular activities to your Curriculum Vitae is nothing new, but with so many graduates entering the job market each year, relevant work-related experience is now a compelling addition to your application.

In many instances, an internship is one of the greatest and most practical ways to acquire this talent.

It is important to keep in mind that you can also receive important knowledge and experience by participating in an externship, which entails working alongside a professional for a set amount of time. Despite the fact that externships are frequently shorter and less active than internships.

List of Paid Internships for Bachelor Students

  • UNICEF Internships

UNICEF is happy to report that its intern policy implementation has changed, independent of the United Nations, to allow interns to receive compensation for their internship programs.

the entire world.
The amount of pay varies.
Six to twenty-six weeks.
depending on the position, the deadline for applications.

As previously said, UNICEF is one of the few UN organizations that altered its internship policy from unpaid to paid in order to support and encourage students and to help them with their living expenses.

According to UNICEF policy, paid internships for bachelor students are now open to applicants for employment in a range of professions.

For bachelor’s students seeking paid internships, the following criteria must be met:

• A university degree from a recognized institution that demonstrates superior academic achievement.

• Must be at least 18 years old.

• Must speak English, Spanish, or French fluently. It’s also necessary to know additional UNICEF working dialects.

• Not reporting problems to any relatives who work for UNICEF or who hold positions of influence.

• Corresponding qualifications, such as specialized professional experience pertaining to the post being applied for, are advantageous.

  • United Nations Alliance of Civilisations Internships

American city of New York is the location.
If other institutions are not sponsoring you, you may get a monthly stipend as compensation.
Up to 6 months, with the option of an extension.
Application Deadline: subject to openings.

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) is an organization that has been around since 2005. It was Kofi Annan’s idea, and it has the backing of the Turkish and Spanish federal governments.

The Alliance is a global network of nations, civil society organizations, international bodies, and New York’s business community.

This group focuses mostly on academic empowerment, media, and youth migration in an effort to lessen potential conflicts between cultures and promote intercultural harmony.

  • NIG Summer Internship in Japan

People who are interested in scientific research can benefit greatly from the NIG Summer Internship opportunity in Japan.

Students that are interested in genetics and the sciences can enroll in the program.

Interns will be permitted to participate in a variety of activities such as journal clubs, seminars, and graduate program lectures in addition to their internship tasks.

All Bachelor of Science students are entitled to apply through the organization’s portal for paid internships.

The following perks are available to successful applicants: • Round-trip airfare.

• Local transportation costs.

• Lodging expenses.

• Alluring monthly allowance

• Travel protection.

• Meal allotment per day.

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