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Cenfri Research Internship 2023


The Cenfri research internship is calling for applications from South Africans who can contribute to potent projects as part of the agency’s research team. Interns will share their knowledge of economics in the generation of relevant data and report compilation.

Through market research, they’ll understand consumer preferences and inform development experts of core improvement strategies. They must care about personal growth and development as this offer comes with a preliminary training program. 


Interns must also bring unique presentation and interpersonal skills to match their roles at the research team at Cenfri and will leave this program ready to match and excel at research roles in Cenfri or other companies of their choice. Applicants for the Cenfri research internship must read on for more insight into the eligibility criteria peculiar to this program. 

About Cenfri South Africa


Cenfri is a non-profit leading economic impact agency founded in South Africa in 2008. They develop insight from research to boost the economy and improve both the citizens and their living standards

With the contribution of stakeholders and partners, they unlock maximum support, capacity building, and innovation for organizations, businesses, and donors worldwide. Also, the impact of Cenfri has spread from Africa and Asia to Latin America since it’s inception planting its roots firmly and delivering change where necessary. 

Most of the work at Cenfri South Africa depends on the research department. So, this program is an opportunity to acquire an excellent professional background to support your resume.

Overview of Cenfri South Africa 

The duration of this program is subject to change. It can easily become a full-time opportunity for interns who display exceptional responsibility during the preliminary training part. 


Moreover, working with the research team will expose young professionals to career skills for long-term stability in the field. As an undergraduate, this is a rewarding experience to solidify your theoretical knowledge as it comes with practical opportunities. 

Finally, participants at the Cenfri research internship will enjoy a flexible work schedule and an enabling culture to drive their ambitions.

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What are the responsibilities of a Cenfri research intern? 

Work with the research team to complete these tasks; 

  • Data analysis
  • Copy-editing
  • Help out with report writing
  • Contribute to project results and findings
  • Assist with desktop-based research 

Who is the ideal candidate for the Cenfri Research internship? 

  • Must have a stable internet collection
  • Must be finalizing a Master’s or Honor’s degree program in Economics or similar fields like Development, Statistics, Finance, Law, Politics, or Data Science. 
  • Proven (through previous work or studies) interest in financial sector development and an on-the-job development
  • Proficiency in verbal and written English (ability to communicate in Spanish, Portuguese, and/or French is a bonus)
  • Micro Office application skills
  • Open to work remotely

What do I stand to gain from the Cenfri research internship? 

  • Monthly salary: ZAR 8,092 
  • Work-life balance
  • On-the-job training
  • Remote working opportunity
  • Healthy and productive work environment

Location: Durbanville, Western Cape. 

Duration: Three to four months

Application deadline: 13 October, 2023.

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How to apply

Frequently asked questions on the Cenfri research internship

How long does the hiring process at Cenfri South Africa take? 

It takes at least four weeks to complete

What type of interview should I expect? 

For this program, eligible candidates will undergo a psychometric assessment, mental agility, and screening test,

Can I submit my application via email? 

All applications must go through Cenfri’s career portal. 


The Cenfri research internship is a must-have experience for professionals eager to merit a position in a reputable research agency. 



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